The Golden State Warriors are three wins away from their first NBA Finals appearance since 1975, which is also the last time they won the NBA championship. It’s been a long time since the Warriors hoisted the Larry O’Brien trophy and the Bay Area is ecstatic.

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Our Warriors World TV crew caught up with fans before and after the game. Our correspondent Lucena Herrera was able to talk to some fans before the tip-off and she asked them to give their predictions on the series.

Lucena was also able to catch up with some fans after their Game 1 victory over the Rockets and the atmosphere was electric. These fans have been desperate for so many years and the Warriors are finally giving them a reason to celebrate. You can even see an elderly lady showcasing her dance moves amongst a much younger crowd. This fan base is a diverse crowd, but they all come together for one purpose, the Warriors.

Oracle is known to be the loudest arena in the NBA and by watching this video you can easily see why that is the case. If they were energized before and after the game, imagine the atmosphere we will see if they reach the NBA Finals.