Here we are once again; the Golden State Warriors are the NBA Champions. After sweeping LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Warriors now enter elite company by winning three titles in four years, officially making them a dynasty.

Steph Curry started the game with a tip-in layup and he was on a mission early to put a dagger through the Cavs’ heart. After the initial lay-up, Curry quickly had 12 points after only scoring 11 in Game 3. It wasn’t just Curry’s show, Kevin Durant had eight points and Andre Iguodala chipped in with two triples.

The Warriors came out a little flat in the second quarter and the Cavs took advantage of it by going on a 8-2 run. The Cavs showed signs of life and it also didn’t help that Klay Thompson picked up his third foul with about eight minutes left in the game. The Dubs and Cavs kept battling back and forth and one thing was clear, LeBron and company were not going to roll over and give this game up. The Warriors were also playing a little flat, but the Cavs also missed some crucial free throws and it felt like Cleveland let an opportunity slip away. The Warriors were up nine going into the break.

In the second half the Warriors came out like they were down nine and they quickly went on a 6-0 run to increase the lead to 15 points. While Curry hit another shot, it was the play of JaVale McGee that is surprising. The big man continued to be efficient every time he got on the floor. Slowly but surely the Warriors were beginning to pull away and you could sense it from your living room at home, as well as the fans in Cleveland. This game was over. This series was over and for LeBron James, his career with the Cavaliers might be over.

The fourth quarter was merely a formality. The Warriors had a 21-point lead and had to find motivation to play another 12 minutes. Curry started the quarter off with back to back triples and there’s no real reason I should keep writing about this game, the Warriors are the World Champions.

The Warriors hoisted the Larry O’Brien Trophy in at the Q and can now solely focus on enjoying this championship for the rest of this Summer. However, basketball twitter and Warrior fans can now begin the debate.

Greatest team of all time? The Warriors are now in the conversation, along with Bill Russell’s Celtics, the Showtime Lakers, Larry Bird’s Celtics, Michael Jordan’s Bulls and Shaq and Kobe’s Lakers. Of course I am leaving out some great teams here, but the point is that these Warriors have immortalized themselves in the history books.

It wasn’t easy by any means. Nobody will ever forget the 2016 NBA Finals. Yes, the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead, but it led to the acquisition of Kevin Durant and now they have three rings, but more importantly they can win the next three to four championships given the NBA landscape and simply put, they are just much better than everybody else.