The Golden State Warriors are the marquee team of the NBA, no matter what metric you’re using to measure that influence.

The Warriors have won 3 championships in 4 years, and dominance like that has clearly led to some impressive merchandise figures.

According to overall sales on from April 2018-June 2018, the Warriors have 4 players amongst the top 15 selling jerseys in the NBA.

Stephen Curry ranked 1st, Kevin Durant ranked 4th, Klay Thompson ranked 10th, and Draymond Green ranked 13th.

Given that they have 4 players in the top 15, it’s not a surprise that the Warriors ranked 1st in team merchandise sales.

The Warriors have had a large, dedicated fanbase in the Bay Area for quite some time, even going back to some truly awful seasons.

This is yet another sign that this team has gone global, as figures like these are only accumulated once a team crosses into the “casual fan” threshold.

It’s quite remarkable to really sit back and absorb an NBA landscape in which the Warriors have 4 of the most popular players in the league according to jersey sales.

There was once a time when I’d be at basketball camps as a kid and people would ask me why I was wearing an Antawn Jamison jersey.

I’d answer them somewhat incredulously, explaining that I was a Warriors fan and that Jamison was my favorite player.

I’d usually get laughed at for openly admitting I was a Warriors fan, and people would explain to me that it didn’t mean I couldn’t wear a jersey of someone a bit more impressive.

Iverson, Bryant, McGrady, and Garnett were acceptable choices back then, but not Jamison, or really anybody on the Warriors.

The next generation of basketball fans is growing up wearing Warriors jerseys and not being laughed at for it. These newest jersey figures serve as yet another reminder to not take any of this success for granted because what is happening with this team is really special.