The Golden State Warriors are brash, brazen, and confident. That goes for the players and the owners. Majority owner Joe Lacob basically took a shot across the bow of every other NBA franchise when he said that the Warriors were “light-years ahead” of nearly every other team in the league.

From Bruce Schoenfeld of the New York Times:

“We’ve crushed them on the basketball court, and we’re going to for years because of the way we’ve built this team,” he said. But what really set the franchise apart, he said, was the way it operated as a business. “We’re light-years ahead of probably every other team in structure, in planning, in how we’re going to go about things,” he said. “We’re going to be a handful for the rest of the N.B.A. to deal with for a long time.”

One might wonder why Lacob isn’t being humble about his team, but does he really have to be? The Warriors are a great team, one of the best run franchises in the league, and know how great they are. They shouldn’t hide it, but rather they should embrace it. That’s what Lacob is essentially doing.

Forbes now estimates that the Warriors are worth $1.9 billion, a figure that Lacob himself is quite proud of. Lacob truly believes that the Warriors are going to be a “handful” for the rest of the league for quite some time, and there’s nothing out there that disproves his point. Are they light-years ahead? Maybe. It certainly wouldn’t shock anyone.