Myers, Lacob, MJax

The Warriors are grabbing headlines, but for all the wrong reasons. We should be talking about their 18-2 start and how this team is built for the post-season. However, Joe Lacob made some unfortunate remarks about former coach Mark Jackson and it has created quite a distraction.

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Lacob was speaking at a private function when he spoke about Jackson, but then apologized in an emailed statement. Jackson, who is back to being a commentator had not said anything publicly about the comments. Jackson is an ordained minister and during one of his sermons, he addressed the issue. According to Diamond Leung of the Bay Area News Group, Jackson wasn’t pleased with Lacob’s words:

Smiling as he spoke to members of a cheering congregation, Jackson said in recorded comments that Lacob “said I was good for nothing, an owner that knew me for three years and spent a couple of minutes around me, an owner that had the audacity to say that 200 folks don’t like me in the business.”

Jackson was obviously bothered with Lacob’s remarks and you can’t blame him. It’s bad enough that he’s no longer coaching the team, but seeing them off to the best start in franchise history must sting a little bit as well. Jackson deserves credit for the work he did with the Warriors and Lacob’s comments discredit his influence on this roster.

Lacob’s words are unfair to Jackson who won a lot of games and took this team to the post-season. Curry was quick to come to Jackson’s defense, which is a powerful statement from their franchise player. Steve Kerr is the head coach and this team is on a roll. Both parties need to move on and put everything in the past.

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