The NBA season is officially over and it could have not ended any better. The Warriors are the 2014-15 NBA Champions and it still doesn’t seem real. This franchise and fan base deserved this title. After years of losing seasons and mediocrity, the Warriors are not only the current NBA champs, but more importantly they are in position to contend for titles for the next decade.

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While we can start talking about next year already, the Warriors deserve to celebrate this accomplishment for at least the next several weeks. A couple of Warriors already got started. Draymond Green, David Lee and Festus Ezeli were seen celebrating at the Infusion Lounge in San Francisco and they were hard to miss as they were partying with an enormous bottle of champagne. (Pics brought to you by AndrewDH Photos):


According to Dan Devine of Ball Don’t Lie, Green, Lee and Ezeli were celebrating with a 15 liter champagne bottle that is worth around $10,000:

After returning to the Bay, Green, Lee and Ezeli continued their championship celebration with a stop at San Francisco’s Infusion Lounge, where they were greeted by a giant 15-liter “Nebuchadnezzar” bottle of Luc Belaire champagne, which weighs in at 50 pounds and “is often listed on nightclub menus for upward of $10,000 to $12,000,” according to a Luc Belaire spokesperson.

A big accomplishment requires a big celebration, so the Warriors had a 50 pound bottle to celebrate their championship. They won’t get their rings until the start of next season, so huge bottle of champagne was the next best option.



311590f0-15e1-11e5-93a4-eb634fb02c27_Festus-Ezeli-and-Draymond-Green-cool-everybIt’s obvious these guys didn’t get enough champagne in Cleveland, so they brought the party to San Francisco. Green and Lee were still wearing their championship hats and I don’t blame them, they are probably wearing those all Summer long.

Professional sports can be cutthroat, but this team genuinely liked one another, which is why they were so good on the court. It’s highly likely that Lee won’t be back next season and although he didn’t play a prominent role this past season, he was a complete professional and deserves credit for his unselfishness.


This will be one of the last times they interact as teammates. Not sure is this is the reason they were hugging in the picture above, but you can’t help but love both of these guys. They both take pride in playing for the Warriors and they will forever remember this championship run.