The Golden State Warriors are faced with a crucial game 4 lurking on Tuesday night as they are down 2-1 to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Luckily for the Warriors, forward Draymond Green escaped any punishment following his encounter with Thunder center Steven Adams in game 3.

The NBA announced Green will not be suspended despite making headlines Sunday night. During the 2nd quarter of game 3 of the Warriors-Thunder Western Conference Finals matchup, Green drove to the basket against Adams.

On what would have been an otherwise innocuous play, Adams fouled Green as he went up for a layup. But, what transpired after the whistle caused quite a stir.

On what has become a very divisive play, Green wildly threw his arms and legs into the air in order to draw a foul. Over the past few seasons, flopping and exaggerating fouls have become so prevalent in the league, that in 2012 the NBA adopted an anti-flopping rule. A $5,000 or more fine would be handed to any player the NBA caught flopping.

However, prior to the NBA’s decision Green professed his innocence and claimed that the groin shot was completely unintentional.

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There was some uproar around the league from fans and players alike calling for Green to be suspended. Thunder guard Russell Westbrook spoke to the media after the game and suggested that Green’s actions were done on purpose.

Never one to shy away from commenting on anything that could perceived as a slight, Green responded to Westbrook’s comments. He claimed that Westbrook was in fact part of the group of players that made flopping the current force that it is.

Of course Westbrook responded with his own denial of any flopping.

The Warriors and their fans can now breathe easy following the good news regarding the situation with their star power forward.

Obviously, losing Green for any amount of time would have been rather devastating for the Warriors as the former Michigan State man has become a main contributor on the team over the past two seasons. After falling behind 2-1 in the series the Warriors will need all hands on deck for game 4 in Oklahoma City on Tuesday night.

The Thunder will host the Warriors in game 4 of the Western Conference Finals on Tuesday at 6 PM PT.

*Update – Green was fined $25,000 and assessed a Flagrant 2 foul, which means that he is one foul away from hitting the limit for a one game suspension.