This has been one of the craziest and busiest NBA off-seasons that we have seen in quite some time. The NBA has been dominating the headlines even though baseball is the only sport that is actively playing games.

The Warriors are to blame for all this frenzy, while the defending champions enjoy the Summer, the rest of the NBA is trying to catch up to them. The only team that could contend with the Warriors are self imploding after Kyrie Irving requested a trade, so the NBA world is anxiously waiting what the next move is going to be.

The Warriors are just having fun, but it wouldn’t be an interesting off-season if we didn’t talk about Draymond Green. While the reigning Defensive Player of the Year has been traveling the world and enjoying his time off, he did manage to get back into the headlines with an Instagram post.

Connor McGregor was seen wearing a number 23 Warriors jersey, which any NBA fan would quickly recognize as Green’s jersey. Green wasn’t a fan of McGregor jersey choice and posted on Instagram to let the world know that he was riding with Floyd “Money” Mayweather and to take the jersey off.

Of course McGregor responded and claimed that he didn’t know who Green was, but was wearing the old 23 jersey for another reason. According to McGregor, it was a C.J. Watson jersey, which is extremely odd. Some speculate that McGregor wore Watson’s jersey to troll Mayweather in regards to the mother of his kids.


After McGregor response, Green fired back to let the MMA fighter and even included a shout out to Nick Diaz, who made McGregor tap out in their first meeting. Two of the biggest talkers in all of sports going at each other, this is definitely entertaining at the very least.

If I were McGregor I would be focused on fighting Mayweather and not Green. While this fight has been receiving all the publicity, Mayweather is by far the better boxer and should win very easily. While McGregor is a professional fighter, Green surely isn’t scared with his size advantage, so don’t expect him to back off anytime soon.

This will be very interesting to see if they keep exchanging insults, stay tuned and get your popcorn ready.