UA Curry

Steph Curry appeared in the first episode of Kick’n It, a show that interviews celebrities about style, fashion, shoes and so much more. The show takes place in a shoe store in the Bay Area. It features Christopher Strachan as COSeezy and Stephen Slates. It’s COSeezy’s first day on the job and Slates, the store manager, isn’t happy about his new employee’s addiction to dancing.

Steph Curry walks into the store as the two employees are arguing, but they both stop when they see the Splash Brother. COSeezy plays it cool and is able to offer Curry some help. The two then have an extensive conversation about various different topics.

-== Kerr Places Emphasis On Winning Road Games Now ==-

COSeezy starts off by asking about the Under Armour ClutchFit Drive USA colorway he wore during the World Cup of Basketball. Curry explains the pride he takes in representing his country and Under Armour laced him up with the perfect colorway. Curry also explains why he always has something written on his shoes. Since he was at Davidson, Curry’s mom would text him words of encouragement and he’s continued to write the verses on his shoes ever since.

COSeezy also brings up Curry’s ankle braces and asked him why he wears both white and black during the NBA season. Curry explains that he now wears Zamst ankle braces to protect his surgery repaired ankles, but he chooses the color of the brace depending on whether he’s wearing the home or away jersey. With the ClutchFit Drive being a high top sneaker, you can’t even tell he wears the ankle braces.

Curry also discusses his favorite Under Armour kicks from last year and why it’s so special to play at the Garden. One of COSeezy’s best question during the clip was regarding comfort and style. He asked Curry what he preferred and the Splash Brother quickly answered comfort.

Lastly, COSeezy asks about Curry’s Active Faith wristbands and why he does a chest tap after every basket. Curry invested in the wristband company and wears them during every game. They are starting to gain popularity around the league due to Curry’s on-the-court marketing. Curry goes on to explain that the chest bump is a “three part cadence” and he’s done it after every made basket since his sophomore year at Davidson.

COSeezy then sells Curry the Under Armour ClutchFit Drive USA colorway and the episode ends with Curry and COSeezy doing the Shmoney Dance.

For the entire episode, make sure you click on the video below. Very entertaining.


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