Klay and Curry Happy


Klay's DunkKlay Thompson has been dominating the headlines as of late. His play on the court has been spectacular and was recognized by the NBA as the Western Conference Player of the Week. He’s averaging 29.7 points per game and the Warriors are currently 3 and 0.

That’s a pretty good week for the fourth year shooting guard out of Washington State. Not to mention he just got the max deal he was seeking in order to stay with the Warriors, so life is good right now for Klay. Well, that was not enough for Thompson, he decided he wanted a new poster of himself to hang on his wall.

With about three minutes left in the fourth quarter, Thompson found himself on the left wing while being guarded by former teammate Steve Blake. Thompson easily drove past Blake and took flight. Robin Lopez is considered a decent rim protector, but he was no match for Klay. He slammed the ball through the rim, the Warriors took a one point lead, and went on to win the game.

After the play, Twitter blew up and the hashtag #KlaysDunkHadMeLike was created.

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