Judging from the past few games, the Warriors were suppose to have a cake walk in tonight’s game versus the Los Angeles Lakers. The excitement of the fans were off the charts as the Warriors played in their fist home game. Kobe and company did not want the fans to go home happy. The game’s energy and intensity did not match final score. Here are the best tweets of the night during the Warriors and Lakers game:

1.With ease! I think he’s ready.

2. The excitement cannot be contained!

3. Absolutely true, they’re so fun to watch.

4. It was quite Duncan-esque.

5. You and me both man. It’s B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L

6. 2 words, Splash Zone.

7. 2-on-2 like NBA Jam?

8. Can’t guard that quick release trigger.

9. That’s what we’ve been saying!

10. 41+31 actually makes them #Splash72