NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Golden State Warriors

After starting 5-0, the Warriors have now dropped two straight. Tonight, the Spurs were the better team and showed why they are the defending champions. Turnovers were once again a problem for the Warriors, they committed 18 and you can’t beat the Spurs like that. The Warriors had some opportunities down the stretch, but the Spurs kept coming back. This should be a good learning experience for this team, they are still young and will grow as the season continues.

Here are the tweets of the night:

1. Good job staying positive.

2. Tough game for Iggy.

3. Still a long season ahead of us.

4. True.

5. WHOA!

6. You and me both.

7. When the Dubs lose, basketball is no longer fun.

8. Very philosophical, we like it!