What is your take on the Warriors PR situation?
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There is a total vacuum of professional management at the top of the organization. This particular act is shocking, but not surprising, what makes it an epic fail is the combination of this clumsy attempt to manipulate an audience and at the SAME TIME claiming that the franchise is suffering at the hands of the MEDIA manipulating the audience.

Just another screw-up, diagnostic of the Rowell/Cohan regime.

Ratto had it exactly right.
The entire incident made them and the team they are gently running into the ground look petty, paranoid, manipulative and dishonest on top of already looking ignorant, irrelevant and self-aggrandizing.


It perfectly illustrates several key problems with the current Warriors regime:

1) They’re unwilling to embrace the new media in any form. Instead of making themselves LEGITIMATELY accessible to their fan base, the Warriors constantly assume the media is out to get them – even though the media’s expectations are usually aligned with the fans (winning and respectability).

2) The emphasis is principally on generating a profit by any means necessary. All important figures in the organization feel the panic – and consequently attempt to reassure fans that their hard-earned money should be spent on the franchise.

3) And lastly, their priorities are still way off. Fan relations can take a backseat when your team is viable. The best way to avoid media fiascos in May? Play some games.


Par for the course for the organization. Should be surprising but it really isn’t. Disappointing because it sets a bad example and erodes trust further right after the team sort of tries to put on a better face in front of their season ticket holders.


Disrespected the most loyal fans, not Ridder’s actions per se, but rather management’s actions as a whole. They thought they could plant seeds here and tried to spin everything positively and we’d be easily persuaded.

How dumb do they think we are?

We support the team because we are loyal, not because Cohan tells us that “it’s a great time out!”


Priority totally in the wrong places, should be focusing their energy on improving the team, not wasting their energy posting on message boards pretending to be delusional fans.

Shallow Hal

Actually, it’s no more embarrassing than how they dealt with Monta or Mullin this year.

mistatwo mayn

Team has no desire to win, just sales.

Years and counting!!!

I found it pitiful and humorous, but it won’t stop me from watching games.


The fact he was posting at Warriorsworld.net is pretty dumb if you ask me. How many season ticket holders actually post on this site? 5? 10? 50? That in itself doesn’t warrant him wasting his typing skills defending his team since 99% of the people that post here are not STH’s.

His reaction was that he didn’t think he had done anything wrong. That’s extremely naive and that’s the part that rubs me and a lot of other people wrong.

Here’s where they missed the boat, after his statement, the Warriors management should have come out immediately and apologized to STH’s and stated that he acted on his own accord. They are very sorry if his actions caused any of their loyal fans to be upset. They are going to do everything they can to put a better team on the court for the fans next season because they deserve it.  If management was looking for the perfect time to come clean and start to repair this mess, that was it.

one flap down

It is the whole mess that is our ownership/management in a nutshell, taken by itself, not a huge deal. But given the secrecy they operate under, the BS they try to spin, and how they operate…just another episode that makes it clear they don’t understand or appreciate their fan base and underestimate our intelligence.


It shows what they really feel about the fans, imo. How dare they be outraged? We’ve made the playoff once in 13 whole seasons! I know what we should do…post pro-org propaganda under an assumed name!

I’m not done with this team probably ever, but man – this management is embarrassingly inept.

Thelonious Dunk

I’m not surprised given how classless the management in this organization is.


It’s not that big of a deal at all. More than anything, it was exciting. It was exciting that you guys caught someone and it was exciting to know that the Warriors brass does check this place out and they do care about what we have to say.

After a day, the excitement wore off and nothing has changed.  The team and ownershp still stink, this “Fiasco” doesn’t change or influence any of that


The latest comically bad misstep in a long line of comically bad missteps.

Earl j. Slick

My take is that this is what happens when your priorities as a franchise are backwards, when selling tickets is your primary goal rather than building a contending team that will draw fans on its merits. It’s what happens when there’s a total void at the top of the organizational chart allowing the ascension of someone who knows how to climb a corporate ladder but who thinks the “product” is ticket sales rather than the team.

It’s just a symptom – the disease is the owner.


I think Cohan needs to sell the team already.