The Super Bowl is just around the corner. Meanwhile in basketball, the best team in the league up to this point is the Golden State Warriors. They have been on a tear as of a late and it seems like nothing can slow them down right now.

But what if the Dubs were to step on the football field? I took a closer look at what each player on the team would play if they were a football team. Feel free to comment below with what position you think each player would be best suited for.


Stephen Curry: Not everyone in the world thinks he’s the best player on the team, but it’s no question that he is the face of the franchise. The team will go as far as Curry takes them. He is the best passer on the roster and at times, a little too unselfish. He knows when the team needs him to takeover the most and he will almost always make the right play to put his squad in position to win.

Wide ReceiversUSATSI_9103664_168381750_lowres

Klay Thompson and Ian Clark: We all saw what Klay could do on a football field this past summer in Rio. He burned Jimmy Butler on the gridiron. He knows how to score and on the court, he’s all about getting buckets. He would be the ideal player to make the right move to get in the end zone. Ian Clark is primarily a catch and shoot player on the court. He does not create many of his own shots. The quarterback will put him in the right position and get him the ball in his comfort zone to take advantage and put some points on the board.

Tight End

Kevin Durant: Speaking of putting points on the board, arguably the greatest scorer of all-time in the NBA would be the perfect target during goal line situations. At 7 foot, no one is slowing down KD. Mix that with the speed he has and he’s a match-up nightmare for any linebacker, defensive back or safety. A Curry to Durant connection is deadly on the court, and can be just as scary on the turf.

Running Back

Javale McGee: In this pass heavy offense; the coach would use him as more of protection in the passing game. He’s big, strong and can protect the quarterback. But whenever needed, he will always be there for a quick dump off or a screen type of play. McGee lives off of alley-oops when lobs are thrown his way. In this scenario, it’d be best to give him the ball and let him get the power carries in the critical 3rd and 1 situations. But he does not offer much more than that.

Offensive Line

Zaza Pachulia and David West: Two of the toughest guys on the team who were signed to protect the likes of Draymond Green from getting in trouble on the court and make sure Curry doesn’t endure hard hits during the playoffs without some sort of relation. These two nearly fought each other at one point during their NBA careers and can help protect Curry on the field. We al know what West has done throughout the years. And Zaza’s recent knockdown plus stare down of Russell Westbrook shows you what he can do.


Draymond Green: The perfect fit for Draymond on the football field – leading the defense. Green should win Defensive Player of the Year this season in the NBA and would be an ideal linebacker for the Warriors football squad. He communicates as well as anyone in the league when it comes to talking on the court and making sure everyone is in the right spot at the right time. He would fine tune the defense and make sure everyone is giving it their all. Plus, he can guard anyone on the field. Whether it’s the running back, tight end, receiver or even the quarterback. His versatility is key.

Defensive BacksUSATSI_8821128_168381750_lowres

Shaun Livingston and Patrick McCaw: You have one of them defending the deeper ball and the other sticking to the short quick routes. Livingston is the established veteran that can read routes and knows where to be on the field. McCaw is the young, quick and athletic player who lacks experience. Mix the two together, and you shouldn’t be giving up too many touchdowns.


Andre Iguodala: Not as fast to keep up with the receivers one on one anymore and the team usually likes him saving his energy for when it’s most needed; Iguodala would thrive as a safety. He is put in position to stop the score in the end zone whenever a corner is beat. He might not be the most athletic guy on the field anymore, but he can read an offensive like anyone else. His quick hands put him in prime position for deflections and potential interceptions

Defensive Line

Kevon Looney and James Michael McAdoo: The team’s lack of depth hurts them on the defensive side of the ball. This is exactly why you have a Draymond, Iguodala and Livingston on the field. The opposing quarterback will likely have tons of time to throw with Looney and McAdoo trying to get past an offensive line. They’ll hold their own, but opposing quarterbacks will likely have time to throw unless you have Draymond Green in on blitz.