More than a month after his scary fall, Patrick McCaw has reached a major milestone in his recovery from a terrifying injury.

McCaw hurt his back on March 31 in a game the Golden State Warriors played against the Sacramento Kings up in Sacramento.

As McCaw elevated for a dunk, Vince Carter positioned himself below the hoop and undercut McCaw, which sent him flailing to the floor.

In obvious pain, McCaw squirmed on the court before medical technicians removed him with a stretcher. Everyone in the arena was visibly shaken. Players on both teams looked like they were about to break down, and a prayer circle was held.

Carter looked especially distraught and even spoke to Steve Kerr after the game about how sorry and upset he was at what he inadvertently caused.

Basketball is secondary during moments like that. The main concern was whether McCaw had full usage of his extremities at that point. 

Even as word trickled out that he was making progress, it was basically assumed that McCaw would not be returning to the lineup for the rest of the year.

The official diagnosis was a lumbosacral bone bruise, and doctors said that there was thankfully no neurological damage suffered in the impact.

The Warriors released a statement Thursday saying that McCaw was re-evaluated and has been cleared to begin modified basketball drills. He will be re-evaluated again four weeks from now.

Every fan and those close to the team wish Patrick all the best as he continues to recover from a moment that could have easily been permanently life-altering.

This news is extremely encouraging, as it indicates that Patrick is making strides in getting back to where he was before the unfortunate incident.

When Patrick finally does make his return to an NBA game, whenever that might be, it’s guaranteed that he’ll be receiving a huge ovation. 

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