The league seems to be on its way back and we now seem to be on course to talk about actual NBA games. Ain’t life grand? Some links to get you back into the Warriors fold for the upcoming season. Dare I say, it’s great to be back.

  • Brandon Roy on the Warriors? Marcus Thompson of the Contra Times makes the point that the Dubs could certainly use a veteran guard for the right price and that there may be some mutual interest.
  • Nice to know you Biedz: Marc Berman of the NY Post says the Knicks could potentially target Andris Biedrins if he becomes a casualty of the amnesty clause with the Golden State Warriors.
  • Then again, perhaps Biedz isn’t going anywhere. Rusty Simmons of the SF Gate relays information stating that the Warriors have no interest in using the amnesty provision to waive Andris Biedrins. I could potentially believe that, except Simmons goes on to state that the Dubs have expressed interest in big men such as Tyson Chandler, Samuel Dalembert, Marc Gasol, DeAndre Jordan and Nene; you know, guys who play the exact same position as Biedrins.
  • CP3 not meant for NYC (ESPN Insider?) John Hollinger wrote a terrific piece on the difficulties involved with the Knicks acquiring the best point guard in the game. If the Knicks can’t acquire Paul, this may or may not mean that he will remain in New Orleans and thus play a huge part in whether the Dubs are postseason-bound in the next few seasons since both teams would probably be battling it out for a lower seed in the Western Conference standings.  
  • But wait! He could go to NYC! Chris Broussard makes the point that the Knicks want Paul, and Paul wants them and thus that it’s only a matter of time before he lands in the Big Apple and forms the new Big 3. In the grand scheme of things, if Paul does land in New York, this could potentially mean that the New Orleans Hornets would fall out of the playoff picture and give the Warriors the opportunity to steal a playoff spot.
  • You hear that sound? Crickets. That’s the sound of Monta Ellis’ name not appearing in any rumors…for now.

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