Lance Stephenson

The Warriors and Hornets are battling it out at Oracle Arena right now. The Warriors have the lead, but there is a lot of time left. Although we still have the entire second half left to play, Lance Stephenson has already left his mark, literally.

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Stephenson and Harrison Barnes collided during the first quarter, which led to Stephenson slapping himself in the face. Barnes’ left arm/elbow caused Stephenson to hit himself and he sold it as if it was Barnes who hit him in the face. Stephenson was able to draw the foul with his good acting skills.

Check it out:

Stephenson has gained a weird reputation of doing some strange things in the basketball court. He blew in LeBron’s ear last year in the post-season and always finds himself in unusual situations.

This time Stephenson was able to sell the slap and Barnes was given the foul. It will interesting to see what Stephenson has in store for the second half.

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