One of the biggest question marks heading into this offseason for Golden State Warriors regarded if they were going to be able to retain Kevon Looney.

He had played solid minutes in an expanded role this postseason, and there were concerns that his performance had bumped him out of the price range the Warriors could pay him.

However, the good news developing for the Warriors is that they are going to have Looney back for another season.

Chris Haynes of ESPN is reporting that Looney has agreed to re-sign with the Warriors for a 1-year minimum contract.

Looney had talked with the Los Angeles Clippers after free agency opened, but the early reports out of that encounter were that there was no deal imminent.

The Warriors had reached out to Looney soon after free agency began to let him know that they were interested in retaining him, but that there was only so much money they could offer.

The Warriors are certainly glad to have Looney back at such a bargain, given the potential he has flashed when given the opportunity.

It’s always interesting to learn more about what happened behind the scenes of deals like this, and the context of what made the player arrive at their final decision.

If Looney wasn’t able to get more than a minimum contract from another team, that’s especially fascinating after how well he played this postseason.

This contract gives Looney a chance to continue being a part of a contending team and further developing his skills as a player.

If he takes similar strides forward next season, he can hit free agency next offseason again and maybe get himself a sizable contract.

This is a bargain for the Warriors. Looney has so much upside and is going to keep offering the Warriors an intriguing piece off the bench.