In a crowded Golden State Warriors backcourt, Kent Bazemore found himself on the bench more often than not. He averaged a meager 4.4 minutes in 61 appearances in his rookie season with the Dubs.

Known for his enthusiasm and celebrations, Bazemore is now succeeding with his on-court play. His journey to NBA stardom wasn’t easy but through adversity, he has grown to appreciate his success. Looking back, Bazemore talks about his unique path.

After getting traded from the Warriors, Bazemore got his opportunity to play meaningful minutes with the Los Angeles Lakers. Liking what they saw, the Hawks offered a two year deal worth about $8 million.

In an interview with James Herbert of CBS Sports, Bazmore talked his about time in Oakland and Draymond Green, someone he considers a great teammate:

“He’s probably one of the greatest teammates to ever play. I mean, everyone’s seeing it now because they’re doing so well, but every team needs a Draymond. ‘Cause he’s gonna kick you in your tail when you ain’t doing nothing, and then when you are, he’s going to make you feel like you’re the biggest thing in the world.

“You can see him even getting at Steph,” he continued. “And people are like, ‘Well, Steph’s the best player in the world,’ but, like, Draymond doesn’t care. You’re on the floor with him, he’s going to get on you. And that team is a direct reflection of that. They get on each other. And that’s something I try to bring, something I’m trying to get better at: being more of a vocal leader. I’ll say stuff and people give me that ‘I’m a great teammate,’ but I have so much work to do as far as being that guy, being that guy that can get in your face and pat you on the back.”

Without a doubt, Green remains the heartbeat of the Warriors. His leadership has paid off for himself and the team. Following their first NBA championship in 40 years, Draymond earned his extension and resigned with the Warriors.