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Steph Curry is arguably one of the best players in the NBA today. Where he ranks among the other top players in the NBA is up to debate and one could make a good argument that he’s capable of being the MVP of the league for years to come. We’ve all seen Curry dominate on the court, but how good is his game on the golf course?

Curry is an avid golfer, but it has become much more than just a hobby for the 6-foot-3 guard. Curry has developed into a very good golfer and others are beginning to take notice. In a conversation with Bleacher Report’s Jared Zwerling, J.R. Smith discusses his own passion for golf and admits that Steph Curry is the best golfer in the NBA:

CP is all right. He needs to work on it because he doesn’t play as much as I do. But Steph is unbelievable. Steph and Ray Allen. I haven’t played with Ray yet.

Steph No. 1, then Ray, me, CP and then maybe Big Baby [Glen Davis]. I heard he’s good, but I haven’t seen him play.

Smith is surprisingly a good golfer himself and has spent the last few months following the PGA Tour. For Smith to acknowledge that Curry is “unbelievable” and rank him as the best golfer in the NBA is quite a compliment from the New York Knicks guard. Ray Allen ranks second on Smith’s top five golfers, but has not actually played with the two-time champion.

Smith comes in third on his list, followed by Clippers’ point guard Chris Paul. Smith also went on to acknowledge that Paul is the biggest talker out of all the top golfers, but also admits that his game needs work and more consistency. Smith’s finishes his top five with Glen Davis, yet another player that he hasn’t actually seen play in person.

Curry might have a career after his days in basketball are over, but one thing is for sure, he simply knows how to put the ball in the hole.