2020 has been a very difficult year for most people, but for all Warriors fans it was a true disaster. Seeing the legendary NBA team fall from grace to get a league worst record of 15-50 was unimaginable for even the most cynical of basketball fans. Plus having to watch the basketball action from outside of the NBA Bubble in June won’t have done any favours for the morale of the players left in the Warriors camp.

However all Warriors fans will know that there is plenty of resilience in this team. The Golden State Warriors squad are currently holed up in their mini-camp in San Francisco in preparation for a return to sporting action. If anything the current pandemic will give head coach Steve Kerr time to think carefully about the best ways to come back from the disaster that was last season. 

Early indications suggest that the team won’t get to play any serious games for the remainder of 2020. This is because the NBA commissioner Adam Silver went on record as guessing that the next season won’t begin until 2021 at the very earliest. While this might be disappointing, there is still some reason to be hopeful due to the fact that Silver said that plans were underway to fit in a full 82-game regular season. 

Originally we were going to see the return of the NBA as early as this December. But with rumours about yet another wave of the Covid-19 virus raging across the US, it seems more likely that the next NBA season would be pushed back to 2021. 

Not only has the regular season been significantly postponed, but it has also meant that this year’s draft will be delayed. As it stands the NBA has the 2020 draft pegged in to take place on November 18. There’s already no shortage of wild speculation about who the Warriors draft picks will be. But the fact that the Warriors have claimed the number two pick means that they have plenty of options for adding some serious firepower to their team.

One big rumour is that Devin Vassell would be claimed. The Florida State star has earned many plaudits as a result of his defensive skill, and his 41.7% record from three-point range is clearly impressive. However, many other people think that Isaac Okoro could fit in well in the Warriors squad. The talented Auburn youngster has been compared to Andre Iguodala and he has also been highly rated for his defensive prowess. 

Whatever happens, it’s clear that something big needs to happen in order to make amends for the calamity that was 2020. Alongside putting in some shrewd draft picks, Warriors bosses still need to think clearly about how to make the most of what is actually still a very decent set of players. 

Any team that features the likes of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson should rightly be feared. Plus many basketball fans will still be thinking about using some of the latest betting apps reviewed at sites like www.captaingambling.com to back the Warriors to make a spirited comeback in 2021. After all, things surely can’t get much worse than what happened last year. 

Plus it’s worth noting that there have been several encouraging noises made from within the Golden State Warriors camp in recent days. Steve Kerr was reported as saying that Klay Thompson is looking great and anxious to play. Thompson had previously missed a practice session along with Eric Pashall as a result of Covid-19 testing. Both Stephen Curry and Draymond Green were also absent from the mini-camp as a result of family issues. 

While Curry’s absence might not sound too encouraging, the star has deservedly earned the accolade of being the best shooter in the NBA and a little extra time off wouldn’t hurt his talents. Plus having to stay in a mini-camp being cooped up with endless 5-on-5 games might be a waste of somebody like Curry’s talents. Hopefully when the new NBA season rolls around again, we’ll all get chance to see the Warriors bounce back to life.