I’ve long followed Peter Guber on Twitter. It’s been out of Warriors obligation, not any fascination with the man’s outer most brain scribbles. Occasionally, he tweets motivational speak so platitudinous that it sparks a gnawing urge to tweet back mockery. The urge usually abates. I don’t want to burn GSW bridges over something so small (Yes, sadly, I occasionally, cowardly think this way). So when Guber exclaims “If the lion doesn’t tell his #story, the hunter will,” it’s all I can do to not reply, “Grrr! Roar! Antelope nom nom nom!”

I’m not sure what an NBA owner’s Twitter etiquette should be, but the timing and content of Guber’s tweets can certainly look a bit off. He’s hawked his Tell to Win book during bad Warriors losses, seemingly oblivious to the state of his investment. For a long time, I just assumed that Peter Guber was agnostic about sports, seeing fit to let Joe Lacob make GSW a personal passion project. But low and behold, Boston-born, L.A. power broker Peter Guber emits public, hilarious sports passion over the…Cowboys? Hey, if he live-tweets similarly about the Dubs next season–if there is a season–then 2011-2012 is teeming with amusement potential.

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