The Great T-Shirt War between Draymond Green and LeBron James has continued thanks to a brilliant dig courtesy of Green at the championship parade today.

In 2016, it was LeBron James who wore an Ultimate Warrior shirt while holding the Larry O’Brien Trophy to troll the Warriors after the Cavs overcame a 3-1 deficit to earn the championship.

In 2017, Green took revenge on James by wearing a shirt emblazoned with the word “Quickie” in the style of Quicken Loans next to the Larry O’Brien Trophy. Quicken Loans was co-founded by Cavs owner Dan Gilbert and is also the sponsor of the Cavs arena.

For the 2018 parade, Green made quite a statement by choosing to wear a shirt with the “Arthur” fist that had 3 rings on the hand with the caption “Mood…”

James had posted the “Arthur” fist on Instagram back in November with the caption “Mood…” That same day, Green posted a picture of himself with his tongue out captioned “MOOD…”

The future of this rivalry is somewhat up in the air due to the looming free agency questions surrounding James. Maybe he’ll decide stay with the Cavs. Perhaps he’ll go to another Eastern Conference team. It has proven to be a pretty safe bet that whatever Eastern Conference team James is on eventually makes the Finals.

If James goes to the Western Conference, it’s extremely likely that the team James chooses would meet the Warriors at some point during the Western Conference playoffs. It’d be different but still would feature James and the Warriors.

It remains to be seen whether this t-shirt war will prolong into 2019 or whether Green or James will be the one to fire the next shot.

What’s not debatable as of now is that Green is winning it. The 3 rings on the “Arthur” fist are all the evidence necessary.

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