The Warriors lost the game to the Suns yesterday, but it’s not the end of the world. The regular season is a marathon and more losses are bound to come. However, this particular loss is painful to swallow because the Warriors had control of the game going into the fourth quarter.

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Draymond Green plays with a lot of emotion and he was not content with last night’s result. According to Diamond Leung of the Bay Area News Group, Green feels the Warriors should still be undefeated:

Can’t argue with Green, the Warriors were up 79-71 going into the fourth quarter and had been in control for 36 minutes. Steph Curry’s two fouls in the final minutes of the  third quarter shifted the momentum in favor of the Suns. With 10 minutes left in the quarter, the Suns tied the game and never looked back.

Relinquishing the lead is one thing, but the Warriors were careless and their offense went missing. They turned the ball over 26 times and Curry was responsible for 10 of them. The Warriors can’t afford to continue that trend and Curry will surely be much smarter moving forward.

Green’s mentality is admirable, he is hungry and wants to get better every day. His energy is contagious and as the season progresses, the Warriors will need Green to help the rest of the team play with so much heart and emotion.