And the WarriorsWorld forum exists to the fullest. The picture above is from that forum–a teeming, rich conversation that evolves behind the front page door. Talk is unrestrained there, so I can’t fault a “here’s the pic of curry’s broken ankle” head line. In freeze frame, the foot bent at an elbow’s angle. Hard not to give up on an ankle that soft. If it walks like a duck…

Once the picture leaked onto Twitter, fans instantly spoke to the grim, visceral news. I took a break from the game to download my favorite podcastBasketball Prospectus co-author Kevin Pelton was on to indulge my Warriors hope, which I could process as gallows humor, due to the injury. During the download, co-host Kenneth Paul Drews tweeted laments about the podcast’s negative impact on Warriors fortunes. So, while I tried to absorb basketball commentary, the commentator commented on how the commentary had impacted events he had learned from a picture on WarriorsWorld. The universe moves fast.

And Matt Moore of kept pace. Rumors of Curry’s break had been greatly exaggerated, and Moore swept in to shatter talk of fracture. Steph’s “day-to-day” with a lingering ankle problem that seems to plague him month-to-month.

The recurring sprain is concerning, but not nearly so concerning as those frenzied post-injury minutes. In that moment, there was no Warriors season. Playoff dreams had to be pushed from subconscious, until they fell into Dubs fans stomach pits. Disaster averted by the grace of calcium.

Speaking of strained stomachs: Biedrins is alive. His maladies, free throw woes, and altogether implosion confused many amid a very confusing Warriors season. Against the Kobe-less Lakers, Andris looked more 2008 than 2009–which bodes well. Last year, Biedrins conjured images of a malfunctioning robot. Last night, he was athletic, fluid, and active.

Unfortunately, he was also terrible at one-on-one defense. Pau Gasol often pranced by a back-peddling, befuddled Dre. If help defense is Lee’s biggest deficit, on-ball is likely Biedrins’s. The Warriors lost by 21.

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  1. Jai

    All of you folks remind of the soccer mom who knows her son is sucking right now but keeps encouraging him ” Oh, it’s ok Johnny”. Not me, I’m gonna tell it like it is.

    Curry is playing like s*** right now. Go put in any youtube video from last season after January and ask yourself ” damn, is the same player? ”

    I actually think it’s the system, I don’t like it. You see, the motion offense is almost like the triangle. It takes awhile to get it. You just can’t learn it in one training camp!

    I believe they should go back to Nellie ball and just play better D than last year. Hold the phone though. Looks like the injury curse is coming up again. Good look you clueless dubbies