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What a difference an All-Star season makes.

Entering the 2013-2014 season, Stephen Curry was a rising star, an up-and-comer, a point-guard with aspirations of one day becoming the best at the position.

With the help of new talent (Andre Iguodala), improving talent (Klay Thompson) and healthy talent (Andrew Bogut), Curry had the best season of his career and entered that very discussion.

Curry posted a career-high in scoring (24.0 ppg, 7th in the league) and assists (8.0 apg, 5th in the league). The team posted an offensive rating of 109.7 when he was on the floor and a 93.8 rating when he was off (the biggest disparity in the league). He had four triple-doubles (tied for second most in the league) and was named the first Warriors All-Star starter since Latrell Sprewell in 1995. 

Curry’s play has reached incredible new heights, and so has his popularity.

New endorsement deals, commercials and numerous appearances has the fifth-year guard the freshest face in the association.

As with any hot name in sports, the need to drop their name in rap songs becomes necessary. It’s practically a rite of passage, and while Curry is no stranger to those, he received his greatest backing just days ago.

Drake, the Grammy award-winning, multi-platinum selling artist from Toronto, has received much criticism for his attachment to recent successes in the sports world. But unlike his previous connections, his relationship with Curry goes deeper than that. They’re family, and his latest song “0-100” continues the incredible upward trend of Curry’s superstardom.

Nothing was the same.

Ayesha Curry is OVOMarkk’s cousin, who is in Drake’s OVO crew. Ayesha was born in Canada.


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Drake is seen courtside watching Curry during All-Star Saturday night.

Drake, who’s seen attending numerous sporting events across all landscapes, was caught by TNT sharing a moment with Curry in New Orleans in February at All-Star Weekend. The caption “#family” makes sense in more ways than one.

Last Saturday, Drake previewed a new song in Los Angeles. This isn’t unusual, but the last bar in the clip proved exciting for more than just fans of the rapper.

On Sunday, Drake released the previously unreleased track, titled “0-100” in full.

This shit a mothafuckin’ lay up
I been Steph Curry with the shot
Been cookin’ with the sauce, chef, curry with the pot, boy

That clip courtesy of WarriorsWorld contributor Adam Mayo.

Back in September, Drake was named the team ambassador for his hometown Toronto Raptors. He’s a passionate fan, but his ascension to the position proved the doubters to his loyalty wrong. He’s become the mainstream face of the franchise, and on the heels of a successful 48-win season and second-round berth, he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Should we expect Drake to grace Oracle Arena against the aforementioned Raptors next season? I wouldn’t put it past him. The odds are better that he’ll be seen courtside at Air Canada Centre for a matchup with the Warriors. Regardless, Curry (barring any catastrophic events) will be an All-Star for years to come and with New York and  (yes) Toronto on the radar for the next two mid-season showcases, Drake will be there supporting again.