Lights, camera...action?

Larry Riley sat beside Bob Myers, the man who would supplant him. Myers is younger, taller, and inclined to lean forward into gathering questions. Riley’s older, shorter. His manner is folksy as he holds court from the depths of a couch chair.

The two professed a symbiotic relationship, though Riley floated what sounds like a future ouster. They never came out and claimed Myers to be the current Warriors GM, but logic’s shouting that it must happen at the soonest. If Bob ditched his old business for an apprentice position, he’s a worse agent than I’ve been led to believe. The assumption is that he’s the new guy.

Much of what the two men told us was standard basketball executive vagaries. Curry is the “point guard of the future,” unless they trade him. Ellis is the shooting guard of the future, unless a better name comes along.

Suddenly, the vague platitude cloud started raining hard truths onto Andris Biedrins. A frustrated Larry Riley said “We need a center,” and waxed on about how the position disappointed this year. The current GM lamented that the Warriors don’t get to the line (Biedrins), and foul so often (Biedrins). Riley did everything but take a photo op, while smilingly holding up a “NotBiedrins” jersey.

As for Keith Smart? It’s not looking good in terms of his job security. Though declining to admit Keith fell short of lofty expectations (Lacob wanted playoffs), Riley told reporters that he suggested Smart take a vacation–as his fate gets sorted. That could be the long holiday that begs for a one way ticket.

Myers stated the team could improve via the draft, free agency or trades. I pressed him on whether “trades” was the most viable option–seeing as how the Warriors draft low, pay high–but he wouldn’t bite. Bob’s thinking is that there are ways to get better without shedding talent. While this thinking appears wishful, Pau Gasol and Gerald Wallace could offer rebuttals.

Though an executive so well connected might be able to pull off that magic trade, Myers must choose on Ellis or Curry. Stephen clearly plays better in his counterpart’s absence, and Steph’s presence subjects Monta to bludgeoning at the hands of 6 6’ shooting guards. It’s an imminent decision. As for who makes that call? My guess is that’s been decided.

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