Andre Iguodala may return from a 12-game injury absence tonight.

Similar to the music of The Clash, it’s hard to find anything Iguodala can’t do (please don’t mention free throws or the “Cut the Crap” album).

These are two of the most versatile entities at their respective art forms.

Put Iguodala anywhere and he can succeed.

• Guard the other team’s best perimeter player? Check
• Become a Splash Step-Brother and hit three-pointers? Check
• Drive the lane and finish? Check
• Drive the lane and dish? Check
• Make Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, David Lee and Andrew Bogut better? Four checks.

Even Harrison Barnes scored 16 or more points in four of the last five games Iguodala played before straining his left hamstring.

Like Andre, The Clash makes everything better.

• Working out? Know Your Rights, White Riot and London’s Burning make you run faster.
• Relaxing by the pool? The Guns of Brixton, Police and Thieves, and Junco Partner put you on a Jamaican beach.
• When my Mexican in-laws come over, they can sing-a-long to Spanish Bombs.

The Clash were rapping about injustices before NWA and Public Enemy, and they had the punk/ska/reggae/rock fusion down light years ahead of Sublime. They could be soulful like Motown and hard-core like Rage Against the Machine.

Neither The Clash or Iguodala will go down as the best to ever perform their craft, but each can do anything and do it well.

Andre Iguodala and The Clash make things better.

As such, I’ll be watching the Warriors game on mute tonight with The Clash playlist on shuffle.