(Voice of Nate Dogg)
When I met you that night, Warriors
Way before you became the Champs

Back in ’86 when you drafted Washburn
And Sleepy’s fourth quarter put us on the map

Those teams were never that good
At shooting and dribbling those balls
But they left it all on the court, yeah
But getting those wins, rarely came at all

Next time they drafted Timmy
And he came on over, with Mully, Roony and Rock
Though they couldn’t win that way, baby
Run TMC could score and still break you off

Cause I have never
Watched a team
That I loved more
In the whole wide world

(Voice of Kurupt)
Well, then KD came along and turned the league to a joke
I’ve never been so bored watching opponents get smoked

Even with Zaza and Looney, Curry’s too good G
And these choir boys won’t be taken down by no hoochie groupie

I have less love for Dubs
That’s something that I learned you see
So how the heck am I supposed, to stay on my toes,
when they might as well be playing against me

I know nothing’s on the line, And it’s over by halftime
That’s why I’m through with ‘em, there’s nothing else to do with ‘em
Pass my tickets to the homie, now you with ‘em

Cause it’s no longer even a game to me
And y’all know, the final score, it’s all the same to me

I don’t even care, that why I don’t pay attention
Warriors no longer have any competition,

It’s not corrupt, but now they’re the only one, that can win a championship

It ain’t no fun, if the Warriors can’t lose none

(Voice of Snoop)
Guess who’s back in the WarriorsWorld house
Your man Jesse Taylor with some words from my mouth

Fans recognize, haters do too
Even when they played Festus and James McAdoo

What can team’s do? They know they can’t win
Curry, Klay, KD, so unfair it’s a sin

Sillier still drafting Draymond and Bell
Knowing damn well, Swindle God will never fail

Now as the ball rotates and the basket grows bigger
Even LeBron wishes he could pull the trigger

like Steph and KD, they’re all the above
They’re too swift on their toes to get defeated by their foes
But see, it ain’t no fun, if opponents can’t get a taste of it
Games so boring can’t love it

(Voice of Warren G)
Whooooo! Hey, now ya know,
regular season games got no flow

One win for the Clippers, two for the Rockets
You think the Warriors are scared, then you really need to stop it

One more title, June 17th to be exact
With KD on Curry’s side, and Draymond’s got his back
So back up Cavs because you’re struggling,

Celtics just get on your knees and then start juggling
All these long-distance three’s in your mouth
It’s hard to watch anymore when these games aren’t even in doubt

It ain’t no fun, if the Warriors can’t lose none