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Does Monta need to flop?

Monta dominates the ball, but never the line. OKC’s two guard is a foul-seeking missile. Ellis is third in the league at 19 field goal attempts per game but is merely 19th overall at 5.5 free throws per night. Contrast this with another two guard, James Harden. The bearded foul sponge shoots nearly half as many shots (10.1), yet notches 6.4 FTAs per game--good for 10th in the league. It’s not even that Hard ...

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Biedrins & Free Throws: What the Hell?

I’m seeking attributions for this losing streak other than “Monta and Steph can’t play together! Trade your less favorite in Mindland!” The main causes for the slide are Lee’s absence and a bench that only covers asses in the literal sense. But I’m noticing a flaw in a favorite player--a problem that might speak to a larger one: Andris Biedrins’s free throw troubles have spawned free throw avoidance. When B ...

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