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Imitation Is The Best Form Of NBA Perfection

“Imitation” is a word avoided, while “perfection” is a word exalted. If you're imitating you’re one of those knock-off Chinese brands (i.e.: Sunbucks Coffee, Heimekem Beer, or Calvim Klain clothing), a copycat in a world where innovation wins. But if you're perfecting, you're like Jobs with Apple or Jefferson with the Declaration of Independence -a visionary capable of turning puzzle pieces into a masterpie ...

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The Warriors Are The Best Show On TV

By Ken Cheng In an entertainment landscape more jam-packed with quality than ever – all competing for the public’s viewing attention – the Golden State Warriors have accomplished a difficult feat; something that seemed impossible just three years ago: they’ve become must see television. Fifty-six wins in 69 games will do wonders for a team’s watchability, but the multitude of storylines playing out on the c ...

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7 Reasons Why Stephen Curry is the NBA MVP

By: Yama Hazheer The NBA’s Most Valuable Player race has been taken to extreme heights. From triple-doubles to carrying teams to setting franchise records and more, the competition for the award hasn’t been this close to the National eye in years. Russell Westbrook, James Harden, LeBron James and more have all been worthy of mentions and even votes when it comes down to it for the award. However, the MVP sh ...

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Andrew Bogut Trade Changed Golden State’s Culture

By: Yama Hazheer The Warriors’ management made a bold move in March 2012. Acquiring the injury-plagued Andrew Bogut for fan-favorite Monta Ellis was questionable in the moment, but it turned out to be the culture-changing move in hindsight. -== Top 11 Steph Curry Moments Of His Career ==- A 6-foot-3 starting shooting guard might never win a championship in the NBA. Defensive anchors almost always do. Golden ...

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The Curious Case of David Lee

  “He's a great player. If I put him out there for 30 minutes a night, I have no doubt he'd average 18 points and 10 boards” said head coach Steve Kerr before a 106-98 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers earlier this month. “He'd do his thing because he's talented and skilled. But it's all about how the puzzle fits together. And right now, he's just been the odd man out.” The odd man out title has fo ...

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Warriors Weekly: Who is the Defensive Player of the Year?

The Week that Was: Nothing special. Four home wins over teams with things to play for and likely locking up home-court throughout the playoffs. -== Top 11 Steph Curry Moments Of His Career ==- The Soapbox: Defensive Player of the Year Defensive Player of the Year can be hard to figure out in the NBA. While we are learning more and more about what constitutes good defense, the award itself still poses proble ...

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The Warriors Should Play Chess the Rest of the Way

Three years ago, I wrote a piece for RealGM about how little we could learn about the team during the final month of the season. We are in a similar boat now. However, back then it happened because the team blatantly chose to tank to keep the draft pick that became Harrison Barnes while just three years later it comes from having a lock on home court advantage in a stacked Western Conference. While we will ...

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Why Warriors Fans Get To Say “We”

By: Jared Williams I don’t attend Warriors games often but Monday night (vs. Washington) I was fortunate enough to possess a seat inside Oracle. Sitting to my right were a father and son embarking on the holy grail of trips: every NBA arena in 90 days. The Warriors were their 23rd stop, so I asked how Oracle compared to other arenas, and the son professed “we’ve been looking forward to this for weeks”, with ...

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