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Warriors Offseason: Discussing Looney, McAdoo, Clark | Exchange Part 1

Scott Horlbeck Summer League wrapped up last week and the Spurs made out like Breaking Bad at the Emmys. Kyle Anderson took home MVP, the Spurs won the actual Summer League championship and Becky Hammon simultaneously won “Best Story From Summer League” and “Story Most Likely To Get Rural Radio Hosts In Trouble.” -== 8 Moves That Paved Way for Warriors’ NBA Title ==- But enough about the Spurs. Let’s talk W ...

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2014-15 Warriors Summer League: Not the Ordinary Summer

Are you still watching the closing moments of Game 6 of the NBA Finals? Is the confetti from the parade still perusing the floor in your bedroom? Have you not washed your playoff shirt yet? If you haven’t heard, or are a Los Angeles Lakers fan still in denial, the Golden State Warriors won the NBA championship. It’s been nearly a month since the final buzzer sounded in Cleveland, and for most, the moment is ...

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Warriors Reward Draymond Green After Exceeding Expectations

By Yama Hazheer. Draymond Green’s press conference on Thursday morning was exactly what you would have expected it to be. The latest inked Warrior was all smiles with his mother having the same expression in the front row. Green will remain in the Bay Area much to the delight of the fan base. The feeling is certainly mutual. Jim Barnett started the presser and used his Warrior charm to introduce the power f ...

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Quiet Warriors Off Season is Beautiful, Peaceful, and Deserving

By: Yama Hazheer The Warriors have been mum this offseason and they have every reason to be. Other than Justin Holiday signing with the Hawks and an inevitable David Lee trade, the Warriors have relaxed this summer. -== 8 Moves That Paved Way for Warriors’ NBA Title ==- The San Antonio Spurs confidently added a disgruntled LaMarcus Aldridge to their squad, the Oklahoma City Thunder are nearing full health, ...

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The Sacramento Kings are the NBA’s Court Jesters

For months I’ve wanted to write about the Brooklyn Nets. They’ve traded their next three first round picks, might only have one second round pick over the next half decade, and just threw $110 million at the eight seed inducing combination of Brook Lopez and Thad Young. They’re basketball’s version of the zombies in The Walking Dead: somewhat alive, but lacking any real future. They’ve passed the modern NBA ...

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A Goodbye to David Lee

“The core is still intact in Golden State with Stephen Curry, Monta Ellis, [Andris] Biedrins, and [Anthony] Morrow to name some of them,” said David Lee after agreeing to be traded to the Warriors in 2010. “We have a chance to do some special things with a good young core that can grow together. It turns into a great situation.” The Warriors were coming off a 25-56 season. The roster included the talented b ...

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A Kevon Looney Scouting Report

When the Warriors drafted Kevon Looney, it was exciting for me because not only did they make the selection instead of using the pick to save money, they drafted someone I was familiar with.     Background: Kevon Looney played one year of college at UCLA and Scout had him as a five-star recruit and #15 in the nation for the high school class of 2014. For reference, that was three spot below Justis ...

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What to Expect From The Warriors | Offseason Preview

While we do not know for sure at this time, the actions by the Warriors’ front office over the last week have certainly made it appear more likely that they can and will go deep into the luxury tax for the 2015-16 season. -== 8 Moves That Paved Way for Warriors’ NBA Title ==- At the outset, I will say it one more time: Draymond Green will be a Warrior next season. Do not trust anyone but Woj who says otherw ...

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