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Stephen Curry Rules The Bay Area

Every once in a while, a star comes along that completely transcends not only his/her team, city and region, but even their nation. The Warriors have had plenty of fan favorite players over the years, all amounting to little on-court success and even less national recognition. The Golden State hardly mattered back then, as every season that team missed the playoffs, the team just sunk deeper into the depths ...

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Top 4 Goals Warriors Must Accomplish For The Playoffs

By: Jared Williams Basketball is full of misconceptions. There’s the idea that “tanking” doesn't work -disproven by the 96-97 Spurs (for Duncan), the 2002-03 Cavaliers (for some dude named Lebron), the 2007-09 Seattle SuperThunder (for draft picks and if you want to get conspiratorial, low attendance so they could move), and your 2011-12 Warriors (but shhh don’t tell anybody!). There’s the myth that Steph C ...

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The Ascension of Stephen Curry

By Ken Cheng In an NBA landscape ruled by a King and more crowded with elite talent than ever before, Stephen Curry has found a way to do something few others have managed: stand out. Recently, Curry has supplemented the debut of his first signature shoe (the Curry One by Under Armour) and his first campaign as a spokesperson for retail giant, Express, with an appearance on “The Tonight Show” and a meeting ...

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Warriors Own Best Record But Why Is There Still Doubt?

By: Yama Hazheer Some narratives get old. The Oklahoma City Thunder gained depth and help in their frontcourt by making moves to solidify themselves as a threat in the playoffs after the trade deadline. The San Antonio Spurs are the defending champs and never seem to show any signs of slowing down when the actual playoffs start. The Portland Trail Blazers can kill you from beyond the arc and pass it down lo ...

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Warriors Weekly: Staying Healthy Is The Main Priority

The Week that Was: After All-Star Weekend, the Warriors got some much-needed time off. Their first game back was against the Spurs and it may be Golden State’s most important single win of the season. They beat San Antonio for the first time since their 2013 playoff series in dominating fashion, holding a twenty-one point lead after three quarters. From there, the Warriors had a completely understandable le ...

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Warriors: Insane Trade Deadline Changes The Landscape

By Jared Williams Here’s a sample of the NBA craziness that transpired last Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. PST: 39 players traded (15 more than the average of the past five deadline days), 14 future draft picks swapped, 1 Adrian Wojnarowski (the czar of reporting deadline deals) tweet reading “good lord”, and 10 minutes of having no idea who the guards were on Philadelphia, Phoenix, Boston and Detro ...

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NBA Trade Deadline Roundtable: The Warriors Stand Pat

1. Are you ok with the Warriors not making any moves by the trade deadline? Jordan Ramirez Yes. Did the Warriors see two Western Conference contenders — Portland and Oklahoma City — get better? Absolutely. Are those two teams suddenly better than the Warriors? Absolutely not. Both those teams make a potential series with Golden State that much tougher, but the Warriors don’t have a glaring need, more so are ...

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Steph Curry News: Charged By Belief (Video)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwSTsVqLFvY&feature=youtu.be Steph Curry is in the middle of the best season of his career and arguably his life. The point guard out of Davidson has battled the doubters through out his career and everything has finally come full circle. Whether it was getting out of his father's shadow, not being highly recruited out of high school or being criticized for being too sma ...

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