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Warriors Need To Show Patience In Harrison Barnes

By: Yama Hazheer It’s been easy for Warrior fans to omit Harrison Barnes from their minds, but you can’t blame them. With Stephen Curry rising to the occasion night in and night out and Klay Thompson flourishing at rates no one expected, it’s easy to forget about the former 7th pick Golden State had in 2012. Barnes clearly had an atrocious sophomore season in the Bay Area for the Warriors. It doesn’t take a ...

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A Tale of Incomparable Offenses: Mark Jackson vs. Steve Kerr

By: Jared Williams The storylines of sports television are like the roster of the Cleveland Cavaliers -there are three go-to stars, and the rest are either underused or simply bad. The big three of sports storylines are, the quarterback controversy, ESPN’s athlete crush of the year (Favre, Lebron, Tebow, Manziel, etc.), and the contentious coaching change. The Golden State Warriors are forever exempt from Q ...

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Klay Thompson: Prover of Idiots

by: Ken Cheng A few hours after Klay Thompson erupted for 52 points to lead the Warriors to another blowout victory over the Kings, last Friday, a friend forwarded me an e-mail exchange he and I had over the summer, during the height of the Kevin Love trade rumors. From: John [REDACTED] To: Ken Cheng Subject: Trade Klay?? Date: July 18, 2014 What do you think about this trade? Would you be willing to includ ...

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Warriors Weekly: Dubs Dominating On Both Ends Of The Floor

The Week that Was: Another 3-0 week, this time all home games. A dominating start-to-finish win, a second half closeout against Sacramento and a surprisingly close game against a Boston team that has regularly played the Warriors tough in recent years. Oh yeah, and Klay Thompson did something. The Soapbox: The Double I have been making this point regularly on my appearances on Ted Ramey’s KNBR 1050 show (Th ...

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Top 7 Point Guards in Warriors History

By: Yama Hazheer The point guard position in basketball might be the most unique. You have many different types of players who can play that position. There have been guys who have been 6’9 running the position in the league and then you have different players who are a hybrid of either guard position. There are traditional pass-first point guards and then there are the aggressive shoot-first types. No matt ...

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Klay Thompson Showing Why The All-Star Game Matters

It’s a rudimentary award on the grand scale of an NBA career. The award means little for some, everything for most. For a 17-time All-Star like Kobe Bryant, it’s become a midseason custom. For Kyle Korver, it could be the only chance he has to represent more than the name on his jersey. Being named an “All-Star” means you’ve become an entity, and an important one at that. Sure, Joe Johnson made the All-Star ...

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The Unspoken Question: Is Andre Iguodala Really That Valuable?

By: Jared Williams As the Warriors’ fan base grows by the splash, new members to Dub Nation will arrive at a question which has recently become a right of passage in Warriors fandom: is Andre Iguodala really that good? If Steph Curry is the antithesis of what basketball stars are supposed to look like, Iguodala is the model. Lanky yet light footed, bouncy yet fundamentally sound, visually Iguodala is, as my ...

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Why You Need To Be Paying Attention To The Warriors Right Now

This post isn’t for the diehards. Diehard Warrior fans know how special this season has been. Those same diehards who filled Oracle for 20 years of ineptitude are probably struggling to put to words what’s happening. No, this post is for your casual bay area sports fan. Bay Area in general isn’t the most diehard sports community. That’s not to say the bay doesn’t rally behind its team when something is happ ...

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