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Warriors Offseason: Discussing The New Schedule, Adam Silver and More

Scott Horlbeck The 2015-2016 NBA schedules are out!!! Just kidding about the exclamation points. I'm actually not that excited for the new schedules. 41 home games, 41 road games, a dope Christmas line-up, a couple devilish Free Agent vs. Old Team match ups, and a few teams that get blanked on national TV games (Denver, Detroit, Philly). It's pretty much the same every year, but nowadays it seems like you’r ...

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Warriors vs. Rockets: Breaking Down Game 2’s Final Possession

A lot has been made of the last possession of Warriors v. Rockets in Game 2. Why didn't they call time out? Did Harden choke? Did Golden State get lucky? I'm going to attempt to break it down. -== Top 11 Steph Curry Moments Of His Career ==- First, addressing the time out. Post game, Coach Kevin Mchale said “I will take our best player coming downhill in a broken court any day of the week to win the game. T ...

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Tim Hardaway & Mitch Richmond’s Thoughts on Warriors vs. Rockets

Monday night, former Warrior greats Mitch Richmond and Tim Hardaway spoke at a Thuzio Executive Club in San Francisco. The event included a cocktail hour where members could meet the former players, a conversation with KGO sports director Larry Beil, and finally a question and answer session and dinner. -== Top 7 Point Guards in Warriors History ==- During the conversation with Larry Beil, Hardaway and Rich ...

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Why You Need To Be Paying Attention To The Warriors Right Now

This post isn’t for the diehards. Diehard Warrior fans know how special this season has been. Those same diehards who filled Oracle for 20 years of ineptitude are probably struggling to put to words what’s happening. No, this post is for your casual bay area sports fan. Bay Area in general isn’t the most diehard sports community. That’s not to say the bay doesn’t rally behind its team when something is happ ...

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Draymond Green for Kevin Love?

Over the past few days this question has floated around the Internet.  Would you trade Draymond Green for Kevin Love? Six months ago the mere idea sounded comical.  Kevin Love, 3-time all-star, MVP candidate for Draymond Green, a tough tenacious role player. But such is the NBA, things move fast, situations can change quickly.  The Warriors are currently the belle of the NBA ball, and Green might as well be ...

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Top Five Signature Performances of Early 2014-15 Season

2015 is upon us and the Warriors could not have gotten off to a better start. So far the early portion of the season has brought us some signature performances. Lets look back at the last 2+ months and identify the 5 best individual displays of the Warriors season. Klay Thompson Arrives Between trade rumors and extension talks, Klay Thompson was the major talking point of the Warriors all summer. Was it a m ...

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How We Got Here: Dialing Back To 2008 & Happy Holidays Cohan

    The streak may be snapped, but the Warriors are riding high. The best record in NBA, a fun infection style and Stephen Curry is the front running candidate for MVP. And while we know they won’t win them all, and some bumps will be ahead in the road, Warrior fans finally have a team, which looks to be a sustainable contender for years to come. To long time Warriors fans, the idea of a sustainab ...

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Draymond Green Should Start At PF For The Foreseeable Future

One of the Warriors early season revelations has been the improvement of Draymond Green’s offensive game. Prior to the season, I postulated this was a make or break year for Green. In that I meant, Green’s defense was a known quantity but for him to ever become a starting caliber player he’d need to become a more consistent threat on offense. To his credit, he has done that. He built upon his gradual improv ...

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