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Warriorsworld.net was started in the spring of 2001 as a continuation of the Warriors discussion board formerly run by Harold. The site has seen many changes over the years, but the spirit of the die hard warriors fan still lives. Many contributors to the forum are still the originals dating back nearly a decade.

Warriorsworld is an open forum for discussion of the Golden State Warriors. It is lightly moderated, and leaves it to the community to set the standards for what is right. Be prepared to take your lumps, make new friends, learn something new, and stay a while.

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Background on the folks behind the site…

Jim Del Favero: Founder

Resides in Redwood City, CA. Has been quoted in most bay area papers over the years on a number of Warriors related issues. Profiled during the W’s / Utah playoff series on Bay Area Channel 4. Coined the phrase ‘We Got Suck’ after years of Warriors blunders, and the site moniker lasted until after the Warriors / Dallas series. Founded Warriorsworld in April of 01 to continue a long running fan forum that had to shutter during the original dot com bust. Writing frequently focuses on the business aspects of the Warriors, Fan Issues, Leadership, and statistical analysis of player performance. Long time season ticket holder, currently residing in section 112, row 13 seats 1,2.

Professional: Group Product Manager, Quicken

Jim Del Favero is entering his 17th year in personal finance working on building the nation’s top personal finance software and online service. Del Favero is a well-known technology innovator who currently has over 50 patents pending for his design on products and features to help Americans manage their money. He is the driving force behind Quicken’s consumer-friendly approach in helping people understand and save more money. Del Favero recently led the efforts of Quicken to go mobile delivering the Quicken Online Mobile application for Apple’s iPhone and leads Quicken’s mobile product strategy. His passion for helping Americans reach their financial goals is what has driven his long-term success in the industry. Currently working with NFL Player Development on teaching financial life skills to rookies and veterans.

Rasheed M.: Editor

Born and raised in the Bay Area currently residing on the Peninsula, I Represent the younger demographic of Warrior Fans which means I’ve witnessed nothing but bad basketball for most of my life.

Warriorsworld.net’s main contributor in terms of interviews, Q&A’s and team related events. Youth counselor by day, grad school by night which along with the Warriors and my significant other take up all my time.

Ethan Sherwood Strauss: Frequent Contributor

Ethan Sherwood Strauss writes for Warriorsworld, Salon.com, and Hoopspeak.com. He lives in Oakland, listens to rap, and reads as if life isn’t happening outside his window.

J.M. Poulard: Frequent Contributor

J.M. grew up in Haiti but spent most of his adolescent and adult life in Montreal, Canada. He fell in love with the NBA in the early 90’s and hasn’t been able to stay away since.

He loves listening to Joe Budden, reading comic books as well as basketball related books and playing devil’s advocate. Feel free to engage him in any basketball debate, he just cannot seem to walk away from them.

“Let me show you a magic trick…..ta-dah!”


Ray Yocke: Occasional Contributor

Ray was born and raised in the Bay Area, mere minutes away from the valley of the shadow of basketball death (otherwise known as the Oracle Arena). Ray was diagnosed as a Warriors fan in 1993, and has dedicated himself to reaching those who are similarly afflicted. If Ray were president for a day, he would re-enact the Webber/Sprewell Nike barbershop commercial, with Baron Davis and Stephen Jackson recounting Baron’s annihilation of Kirilenko in the 2007 playoffs.

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