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What Brandon Rush and Dorell Wright Cared about

I can't claim to know these athletes. Rasheed can, but he moves in cooler circles. These are just snippets of what I saw from one former Warrior (D-Wright), and one possibly soon-to-be-former Warrior (Brandon Rush). Belatedly, I lament Dorell Wright's forced departure. He exceeded expectations in the first year, and had a bit of a downturn in the second. Considering how the Warriors weren't close to a playo ...

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Draft Terrence Jones and find out how good your team is

So we have a pick, eh? This situation broke perfectly for the Warriors, a franchise perpetually addicted to standing on low expectations and declaring themselves tall. I'm glad they tanked for it, but the seventh pick is a bit like an airplane meal. Nobody is excited for the airplane meal, but a rescinded airplane meal makes for an especially boring and unpleasant flight. It's fun to at least think about wh ...

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I’m not sure the San Francisco crowd will be worse

Adam is a San Francisco lawyer who will probably buy tickets when the Warriors come to the Embarcadero. While I wouldn't be so rude to ask him about his salary, I'm assuming Adam does decently enough. In theory, this is the profile of someone who should sap future Warriors games of their enthusiasm. In theory, this is a smartphone-juggling suit who knows less about basketball than he does about playing polo ...

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Joe Lacob sold San Francisco wrong

I would highly recommend Marcus Thompson's piece on GSW's San Francisco PR gaffe. Marcus thinks Team Lacob could have used some humility and compassion to cool tensions with Eastbay fans. I agree, but I would have advocated an alternative method. The message always should have been, "We're one BART stop away, Oakland. C'mon down!" If you even thank and acknowledge Oakland fans, you're signaling that this is ...

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From an Oakland Resident: Yes, the Warriors should go to San Francisco

The Warriors look to be on the verge of moving to the Embarcadero in San Francisco. I’d never leave Oakland, if every day was up me. I have everything at arm’s length. There’s food from around the world, teeming farmers markets, lush green hills, Redwood trees, Mosswood Park, Grand Lake Theatre--this is all within two miles. But I made the mistake of making friends along the way, and this can pull me into S ...

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Guinea Pigs, Bynum and Bush

Spent the pre-game as always, talking guinea pigs. Metta World Peace got a new one. As a current g-pig owner, I had to inquire after this. And when Steve Blake asked MWP why he didn't get a hamster instead, Ron-Ron was quick to respond. MWP: “They OUT there, you can't train em. A hamster lives like what? Two to three years, right? A guinea pig is like six to seven.” ESS: Mine won’t die, Ron. She’s seven. We ...

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Charles Jenkins, heroic traitor

Tie game, twenty seven seconds left. Richard Jefferson (correctly) throws the ball off the David Lee's foot. (Yes! Top-seven pick, here we go!) But suddenly, Charles Jenkins swoops in, snatches the loose ball. And then, the second-round rookie truly goes rogue. He knifes into the lane, going straight through a flopping Wes Johnson like he's made of bubbles. Then, Jenkins goes up and under Kevin Love's stubb ...

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Why does Charles Jenkins make it so hard on himself?

Last night, the Warriors did not foul when down by four with 33 seconds to go. This move was no octopus, as in, it wasn't a well-camouflaged part of the tank. I'm not accusing the Warriors of intentionally losing per say, just noting that the team folds up shop at a juncture when others would push forward. And why should the Warriors give extra effort, really? They only owe themselves the perfunctory try at ...

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