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Warriors are a “Jump Shooting” Team, and That’s Awesome

The Warriors aren't the best at getting to the rim, or drawing fouls. Yet, this is a good offense. Above all, it's a fun offense. While I would prefer that GSW drew more fouls for practical purposes, it would probably make the experience less enjoyable to behold. Pragmatism aside, there's a certain aesthetic joy to good off-ball movement and on-point shooting. Charles Barkley expressed concerns that Golden ...

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The Warriors Trust Their Rookies

With the Warriors up 3, 2 seconds to go, there was a funny sight on the (nationally televised) court. Though the game was still on the line and Dallas could inbound for a 3-point try, three rookies shared the floor for GSW. One of them, Kent Bazemore, had recently been called up from the D-League. He's currently averaging 3.5 minutes per game, and he's mostly known for his hilarious bench celebrations. Harr ...

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When Stephen Curry steps wrong

The prevailing notion is that Stephen Curry's ankles are made of brie, and that might be true. But the larger problem might be in how Curry steps and lands. As detailed by GSoM, repeated injuries can alter proprioception, the body's sense of itself. In the aftermath of these ankle sprains, Curry could be cursed to more often step in such a way as to cause future ankle sprains. After Stephen Curry injured hi ...

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Oh, hello there, Warriors ceiling

When Andrew Bogut rises off that bench, his head presses up against Golden State's modest ceiling and lifts it to the tall man's measure. In Toronto of all places, we caught a glimpse into the fully realized roster dream. Andrew Bogut was set to be the defense that Golden State historically lacked, the man who would compensate for David Lee's deficiencies on that end. He just had to have health, a quality t ...

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The Warriors are Drowning in Depth

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That's what we're learning about the Warriors as they finally struggle. And I don't mind the downturn right now because at least it teaches us about what was working in the first place. Golden State does not have the top level talent to survive a gimpy Jarrett Jack, let alone a gimpy Jarrett Jack and a suited Stephen Curry. It's a theoretical virtue for a team ...

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Give Mark Jackson His Credit

Danny LeRoux of Real GM asked Mark Jackson a question that was on quite a few minds in the aftermath of Golden State holding off the Portland Trailblazers. Danny wanted to know why Draymond Green wound up on Damian Lillard in a key late possession. Jackson dismissed the premise: "He guarded him off the switch in the pick and roll. He wasn't the primary defender against him." Granted, this wasn't exactly lik ...

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Memphis shows GSW their 2nd round ceiling

We've parsed and parsed how the Grizzlies tend to beat up on Golden State. Tonight was of that theme, and it fit the old, boring narratives. Size trumped smalls. Rebounding. Second chances. If losing games were autopsies, then many come in the form of bodies still and cold for murky reasons. Was it an aneurism? Asphyxiation? Did an over reliance on jump shots make the deceased soften to the point of losing ...

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A Quick Thought on Rudy Gay and the Warriors

Trade rumors are a' swirling around the idea that Rudy Gay could come to the Warriors. I'm open to the idea that Rudy Gay might flourish in the right situation. That's a nice way of saying that I don't understand the interest in him in this instance. There were a lot of jokes about how, after John Hollinger joned up with the Grizzlies, Rudy Gay was done in Memphis. After all, Gay's 14.94 PER is a shade belo ...

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