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Steph Curry’s Game – Quarter by Quarter – With Heat Maps

By: Scott Horlbeck As we all know, Steph Curry is having the best season of his young NBA career. Averaging career high’s in both points (22.6) and assists (6.8) per game, and shooting career high’s from both the three-point line (45.5%) and the field (44.9%), Steph is having a monster year. But instead of dissecting mounds of advanced metrics that everybody swears they understand unless they were in court ...

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NBA Players and Their Acting Counterparts

By: @GSW_JesseTaylor This article won’t tell you what a great season Stephen Curry is having. It won’t break down whether David Lee’s offense outweighs his defense, if Klay Thompson can learn to finish at the rim or how Andrew Bogut’s presence may propel the Warriors into the second round of the playoffs. What it will do is help pass the time if you’re bored at work, tired of talking to your family or can’t ...

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Smooth’s Starting 5- Steph Curry or Ty Lawson? MJax underrated Head Coach? Warriors-Nuggets Playoff Series

By: J.R. Smooth As many of you know, I am based out of Denver, Colorado. If it seems strange for a Warriors blog in San Francisco to welcome a writer who specializes in the Denver Nuggets to write a weekly feature, it is. With that said, my readers in the Bay Area can take this week’s edition of Smooth’s Starting Five as a token of my appreciation for allowing me a seat at your table. There’s not enough bei ...

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Smooth’s Starting 5- Talking Afflalo, Koufos, Kawhi’s rise, Spurs Dominance and Grizzlies/Nuggets slugfest

By: J.R. Smooth Arron Afflalo's performance in Orlando needs more TLC. Kendrick Lamar needs to write another Arron Afflalo devotional. I made the mistake of hopping on Twitter at one point on Friday night to see if anything newsworthy was going on in the NBA and had the misfortune of seeing a number of fans pounding Arron Afflalo for what seemed to be poor play against the Oklahoma City Thunder.  I can free ...

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Reading the Warriors Tea Leaves: Potential First Round Playoff Loss Lies Ahead

By: Jesse Taylor Warriors fans are a passionate yet pessimistic bunch. I should know. I’ve been one for close to 30 years. Just sitting idly by while letting the season play out is not something I am comfortable doing. I need to know right now what lies ahead for the Warriors. So I decided to play the role of Miss Cleo and predict the remainder of the schedule for the Western Conference’s top 11 teams, from ...

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Enough With The David Lee Slander Already

By: Jesse Taylor David Lee is a bad defender. No stats or short video from a game in Minnesota needed to tell me that. But being bad at defense doesn’t mean you deserve to get laughed at and completely disrespected. According to multiple public reports and sources I’ve spoken to, that’s what happened Friday at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston. Speaking at one of the sessions, Grantland co ...

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Steph Curry the new age Chris Mullin

By: Jesse Taylor Saying you were broke in college is like saying you believe in God when you’re really not sure if you believe in God but you’re scared if you don’t believe in God while if you look at science and reality you probably really wouldn’t believe in God. Everybody says that shit. But for real, I was soooo broke in college. I graduated thanks to grant money and odd jobs like delivering pizzas and ...

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