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Jack Winter is a 24 year-old Bay Area import. Having grown up in Kansas City without an NBA team to root for, his Warriors fandom is complicated. He loves help defense, extra passes, and the additional efficiency of corner three-pointers. After recently relocating from San Francisco to Oakland, he's an avid and tireless defender of the East Bay. He contributes to ESPN TrueHoop sites Hardwood Paroxysm, Magic Basketball, and HoopChalk, and encourages you to reach him via Twitter (@armstrongwinter) or e-mail (john.armstrong.winter@gmail.com).

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Warriors ‘Lose’ Dwight Howard Sweepstakes

The Warriors aren't getting Dwight Howard.  Don't be upset. USA Today's Sam Amick reported earlier this afternoon that the league's most coveted free agent has decided to sign with the Houston Rockets.  Though several other sources – including Howard's agent, Dan Fegan – have since refuted Amick's claim, it's been confirmed he's no longer considering Golden State as his next NBA destination. Failing to land ...

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Late Makes, Misses and Measurements Help Determine Game 6 Loss

If football is a game of inches, basketball is one of something smaller.  Centimeters? Millimeters? After last night, Warriors fans probably think it's about something even tinier. The NBA is a make or miss league, they say.  The outcome of a simple shot or two at any given time often draws the razor-thin line between winning and losing.  It's not always obvious when it happens but sometimes it is, and that ...

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Win or Lose, Tonight’s a Time to Celebrate

There's a lot to like about the Oklahoma City Thunder Model.  Home-grown stars, patient team-building, responsible cap management, respectful player hierarchy and one of the league's best and most loyal fanbases. Of course, if it was as attainable as Sam Presti, Kevin Durant and company have made it seem over the last several years, we'd see far more organizations enjoying success.  It's not, but that doesn ...

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On Andrew Bogut’s Awesome Impact

The rebounds, the blocks, the rotations, the passes, the passion, the leadership – not even this is the Andrew Bogut the Warriors thought they acquired at last season's trade deadline.  That's the scary thing for the rest of the league. Raw, superficial numbers don't show it, but – aside from Steph Curry, of course – no player has been more influential to Golden State's surprising postseason run than its of ...

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Parker Feasts on Pick-and-Roll Jumpers

It's one thing for a defense to cede mid-range jumpers.  It's another entirely to steadfastly do so when there is a better option at hand. The Warriors ranked 13th in defensive efficiency this season, allowing 102.6 points per 100 possessions.  That's not an elite number but it's not a bad one, either, and considering Andrew Bogut's prolonged absence for much of the regular season it's one that's certainly ...

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On Harrison Barnes and San Antonio’s Reluctance to Small-Ball

Harrison Barnes just played the best six games of his young NBA career.  For the underdog Warriors to have a more than a puncher's chance in the Western Conference Semifinals against the San Antonio Spurs, he'll need to be even better. The pressure on Barnes isn't as simple and superficial as that proclamation makes it sound.  Nobody is asking him to carry Golden State offensively the way they are Steph Cur ...

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Golden State’s Mid-Range Conundrum

The NBA's mid-range game is a lost art because it's an inefficient one. Remember in years past when analysts would bemoan a player's lack of jump-shooting prowess from 15-22 feet? Those days are over – the people who cover the league have finally adapted to its sea-change with regard to offensive and defensive philosophies. What are they? Basically, that a good offense is made by a majority of shot attempts ...

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Draymond Green Makes a Career

The praise is for Steph Curry, the respect for Mark Jackson.  The hope for Andrew Bogut, expectations for Harrison Barnes and the reputation is back for Oracle. Winning a playoff series can drastically altar the direction of an entire organization and individuals career.  You haven't proven anything in the NBA until you've enjoyed some measure of postseason success, so once you do your place in the league h ...

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