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Proving Ground: Festus Ezeli

This will be the first in a new series where I lay out the situation for a Warrior with more on the line this season. There may be no better place to start than Mr. Ezeli. Festus Ezeli is at a fascinating crossroads both common and uncommon for an NBA player. The story of a team being unsure of a big man’s future three years into his career is so frequent it borders on cliché but Ezeli stands out in that gr ...

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Warriors Offseason: Discussing The New Schedule, Adam Silver and More

Scott Horlbeck The 2015-2016 NBA schedules are out!!! Just kidding about the exclamation points. I'm actually not that excited for the new schedules. 41 home games, 41 road games, a dope Christmas line-up, a couple devilish Free Agent vs. Old Team match ups, and a few teams that get blanked on national TV games (Denver, Detroit, Philly). It's pretty much the same every year, but nowadays it seems like you’r ...

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2016: The Early Lay of the Land

By keeping Draymond Green (especially at less than his max), drafting Kevon Looney and saving on their luxury tax bill by swapping David Lee for Jason Thompson without giving up substantial assets, Bob Myers and the Warriors have done very well this summer. With the roster largely set and plenty of time until training camp starts, we can take a little walk down hypothetical lane and look at 2016. Tim Kawaka ...

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Analyzing the Gerald Wallace for Jason Thompson Swap

The Warriors have effectively turned David Lee into Jason Thompson, assuming the “draft consideration” ends up being the pick swap that has been reported (basically, the Warriors end up with the worst choice of their own, Miami’s and OKC’s for the 2016 Draft). There are two major dimensions to consider when analyzing the Gerald Wallace for Jason Thompson swap: The Money: While swapping Lee for Wallace saved ...

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Summer League Q&A: Kevon Looney

It’s not often talents like Kevon Looney fall into the laps of the defending champions. The Golden State Warriors are still celebrating their first championship since 1975, which saw them finish with the third-best record in league history (83-20). Everything went right for a franchise where wrong was customary. It was a dream season for the former bottom dwellers, but the Warriors don’t want this run to en ...

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The Sacramento Kings are the NBA’s Court Jesters

For months I’ve wanted to write about the Brooklyn Nets. They’ve traded their next three first round picks, might only have one second round pick over the next half decade, and just threw $110 million at the eight seed inducing combination of Brook Lopez and Thad Young. They’re basketball’s version of the zombies in The Walking Dead: somewhat alive, but lacking any real future. They’ve passed the modern NBA ...

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A Goodbye to David Lee

“The core is still intact in Golden State with Stephen Curry, Monta Ellis, [Andris] Biedrins, and [Anthony] Morrow to name some of them,” said David Lee after agreeing to be traded to the Warriors in 2010. “We have a chance to do some special things with a good young core that can grow together. It turns into a great situation.” The Warriors were coming off a 25-56 season. The roster included the talented b ...

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Warriors News: Summer League Roster Begins to Fill In

Last season, Steve Kerr decided to take a step back and coach at the Summer League. That extra practice looks like it paid off as he was able to lead the Dubs to the first championship in 40 years.  James Michael McAdoo and Ognjen Kuzmic may have won a ring, but they'll be back in Las Vegas to put in some work. With only one draft pick in the 2015 NBA Draft, the Warriors will need extra bodies to run in the ...

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