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Warriors News: Summer League Roster Begins to Fill In

Last season, Steve Kerr decided to take a step back and coach at the Summer League. That extra practice looks like it paid off as he was able to lead the Dubs to the first championship in 40 years.  James Michael McAdoo and Ognjen Kuzmic may have won a ring, but they'll be back in Las Vegas to put in some work. With only one draft pick in the 2015 NBA Draft, the Warriors will need extra bodies to run in the ...

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An Open Letter to Steph Curry

Follow @JesseTaylor74 What’s up, Steph? How’s it going? I know you don’t curse, so let me warn you now that, for this letter I’m writing to you, parental discretion is advised because I’m about to get candid. Like The D.O.C. when he moves like a one-arm bandit. -== Klay Thompson's Top 5 Dunks Of His Career ==- Sorry, I tend to get off track with old school rap references sometimes. Anyway, I’m writing to se ...

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Steph Curry Proves How Fragile A Title Run Is

Watching Steph Curry's fall last night (and the endless replays ESPN showed) was horrifying. Watching the reactions of the Curry family* was even more difficult. *The shots of Steph's mom, Sonya Curry, saying “you’re alright baby” and “get up” were about as emotional as it gets watching a sporting event. With Steph’s health verified and his ability to produce the magic only Chef Curry can create confirmed, ...

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Tim Hardaway & Mitch Richmond’s Thoughts on Warriors vs. Rockets

Monday night, former Warrior greats Mitch Richmond and Tim Hardaway spoke at a Thuzio Executive Club in San Francisco. The event included a cocktail hour where members could meet the former players, a conversation with KGO sports director Larry Beil, and finally a question and answer session and dinner. -== Top 7 Point Guards in Warriors History ==- During the conversation with Larry Beil, Hardaway and Rich ...

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Running Diary: 15 Hours in New Orleans (Warriors-Pelicans, Game 4)

Well, it's been a while. Writing here again is sort of like coming back home after college. My room is a little different – looks like Sheed converted it into a hybrid gym/game room/bar. I was told I can use the gym equipment as much as I want, but I’ll have to pay for any games I play. Is Time Crisis really worth $3 a play? -== 7 Reasons Why Stephen Curry is the NBA MVP ==- The last time I was here, the Wa ...

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Dear James Harden Fans, Steph Curry’s the Real MVP

I get it. A Warriors writer trumpeting Steph Curry for MVP is like being underwhelmed by a 3-D movie or bored by “breaking news” -it’s predictable. But, this one’s special for Warriors fans. -== 7 Reasons Why Stephen Curry is the NBA MVP ==- The last Warriors MVP (Wilt Chamberlin) was crowned the same year the Civil Rights Act was enacted (1960). The Warriors haven't even had a player reach Top 5 in MVP vot ...

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Lottery Winner Plans to Purchase Warriors Tickets

When you purchase a lottery ticket, you begin to imagine the possibilities. A new car, paying off the bills, or even purchasing some wild materialistic items. Well the reality is, one lucky fan from Oakley now has the money to spend on anything his heart desires. According to Katrina Cameron of the Bay Area News Group, the winner is planning to spend some of his winnings in a fun way: Lottery winner Anthony ...

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Steph Curry: Reviewing The Under Armour Curry One

Steph Curry and Klay Thompson were selected as All-Stars to represent the Golden State Warriors and Steph’s week in New York was flat out phenomenal. On top of winning the 3 Point Contest, Steph and Under Armour threw an event to launch their global brand campaign, The Book of Will. Curry’s popularity and electrifying style of play has given him worldwide popularity and it's only the beginning. Steph put Un ...

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