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W’s Fan Feature – Paul Kim

   How Long have you been a Warriors fan?I've been a Warriors fan since I was old enough to understand the concept of basketball. I'd say sometime around Mitch's rookie year in 1988. I've never been a fan of another team, and never will be.Fav. Current Warrior? Why?Favorite Warrior tag probably goes to both Anthony Randolph and Monta Ellis. Monta has all the tools to become an ...

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W’s Fan Feature – Branden Peters

 Branden Peters, Editor in Chief, www.kuhvet.com    How Long have you been a warriors fan?Since I went to my first game when I was about 5 years old at the Oakland (not Oracle) Coliseum. We were playing the Seattle SuperSonics.  Fav. Current Warrior? Why?I’d have to say Monta, I like him personally and I like his game. With the right direction and work he could be one of the b ...

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W’s Fan Feature – Box Kev

 BOX KEV        How Long have you been a Warriors fan?    May 5, 1982 I entered the world with my Rick Barry Jersey on...My way of saying all my life    Fav. current Warrior? Why? Anthony RandolphHis motor just doesnt stop and his upside is HUGE. His athleticism and speed is amazing for someone his size. He is going to be a cornerstone in the Warri ...

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