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Warriors Play Waiting Game on Blazers-Grizzlies Outcome

86 games into their first season under head coach Steve Kerr, the Warriors have only lost 15 games. New expectations range from a Most Valuable Player award to an NBA Finals sweep, and in the midst of an extended break in between the first and second round of the playoffs, the Warriors are once again in the position they saw themselves in for the latter part of the regular season: waiting. -== Top 7 Warrior ...

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Running Diary: 15 Hours in New Orleans (Warriors-Pelicans, Game 4)

Well, it's been a while. Writing here again is sort of like coming back home after college. My room is a little different – looks like Sheed converted it into a hybrid gym/game room/bar. I was told I can use the gym equipment as much as I want, but I’ll have to pay for any games I play. Is Time Crisis really worth $3 a play? -== 7 Reasons Why Stephen Curry is the NBA MVP ==- The last time I was here, the Wa ...

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Instant Recap: Warriors Beat Pelicans 97-87, Lead Series 2-0

The Golden State Warriors will look to grab a 2 game advantage before heading off to the Big Easy. New Orleans Pelicans head coach Monty Williams made a comment about the noise level and you can expect the Warriors fans to be even louder. Although Tyreke Evans was questionable, he's good to go to help Anthony Davis. The Warriors will have their hands full with the Brow without David Lee once again. 1st Quar ...

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Warriors-Pelicans: What We Learned After Game One

In my eyes, the NBA playoffs are great because of how a series changes from beginning to end. While Game One between the Warriors and Pelicans was fun and important, the greater significance of the first game in a seven game series stems from how it fits into the final picture. -== 7 Reasons Why Stephen Curry is the NBA MVP ==- The main takeaway for me and likely for the Pelicans is that for this series Ant ...

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What It Means To Be A Fan Of The Warriors

By Ken Cheng Throughout this historic, franchise-redefining, season, the only thing Warriors fans haven’t yet seen, it seems, is the exact thing Warriors fans have gotten used to seeing for decades. Here are a few names, chosen randomly, to help paint the picture: Todd Fuller Vonteego Cummings Mookie Blaylock Tony Farmer Brian Cardinal Zarko Cabarkapa Jason Caffey Dickey Simpkins -== 7 Reasons Why Stephen C ...

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Instant Recap: Warriors Hold Off Pesky Wolves Win 110-101

  The Warriors will face off with the number one pick in last year's draft. The Timberwolves are better off losing at this point but both teams will be playing for pride. The Warriors will have two games left in the regular season after this matchup. Outside of Andrew Wiggins, Zach LaVine, and Kevin Martin, the casual NBA fan may not recognize the Wolves' active roster. 1st Quarter Stephen Curry of the ...

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Four Things That Make Warriors Fans Worry

Writing about the Warriors has become an exercise in finding every way possible to say this team’s really really good. Similarly, this heavenly season has provided Dub Nation with some of the best retorts in sports. Let’s say a (temporary until the Lakers become good again) Clippers fan hates on our team. The top five responses Warriors fans can come back with are unparalleled. “I’m sure you’ve heard of tha ...

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Warriors News: Curry Surprised By Mark Jackson’s Comments

With the end of NBA season approaching, the chase for the NBA's Most Valuable Player award is really heating up. Steph Curry and James Harden seem to be the leading candidates for the prestigious award and both make a strong case. Both of these players bring it every night and there is no clear cut winner as of yet. Different experts have made their pick and it seems like Curry might have the edge. Curry's ...

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