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Steph Curry Played Through Wrist Injury For Davidson Seniors

Steph Curry is not only one of the best players in the NBA that dazzles you with his shooting and dribbling on a nightly basis, but he's also one of the more humble professional athletes in the business. Since Curry has always been a model citizen and even as he garners all this fame and attention, he remains the same. That is not surprising to his former coach Bob McKillop, who coached him three years at D ...

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Steph Curry Can Defend & No One Is Noticing

By: Yama Hazheer Steph Curry has always been known for his fascinating stroke from beyond the arc, shifty moves to get to the basket, and mature demeanor on and off the court. His playmaking abilities caught everyone off guard as he developed in the NBA and he has become one of the more lethal passers the league has seen in years. His flashiness mixed with quick instincts makes him one of the more fun playe ...

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Stephen Curry Rules The Bay Area

Every once in a while, a star comes along that completely transcends not only his/her team, city and region, but even their nation. The Warriors have had plenty of fan favorite players over the years, all amounting to little on-court success and even less national recognition. The Golden State hardly mattered back then, as every season that team missed the playoffs, the team just sunk deeper into the depths ...

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The Ascension of Stephen Curry

By Ken Cheng In an NBA landscape ruled by a King and more crowded with elite talent than ever before, Stephen Curry has found a way to do something few others have managed: stand out. Recently, Curry has supplemented the debut of his first signature shoe (the Curry One by Under Armour) and his first campaign as a spokesperson for retail giant, Express, with an appearance on “The Tonight Show” and a meeting ...

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Top 7 Warriors’ Moves In The Joe Lacob Era

By: Yama Hazheer Larry Ellison was the favorite to buy the Golden State Warriors in 2010 when Chris Cohan finally decided to sell the team. Cohan was a notoriously bad owner. Joe Lacob and Peter Guber outbid Ellison and the franchise was sold for $450 million. Lacob was a season ticket holder for the Warriors before he bought the team. He was a part-owner of the Boston Celtics when they won their 17th NBA C ...

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Instant Recap: Warriors Lose To Bulls In OT Thriller 113-111

In what could be a NBA Finals preview, the Chicago Bulls have made their way to the West coast for a showdown with the Golden State Warriors. The Bulls would be without their rising star, Jimmy Butler who is missing the game due to an illness. On the other hand, the Warriors would be without Andrew Bogut; they pursued their 20th straight home victory. 1st Quarter The Western Conference Player of the Week be ...

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Why You Need To Be Paying Attention To The Warriors Right Now

This post isn’t for the diehards. Diehard Warrior fans know how special this season has been. Those same diehards who filled Oracle for 20 years of ineptitude are probably struggling to put to words what’s happening. No, this post is for your casual bay area sports fan. Bay Area in general isn’t the most diehard sports community. That’s not to say the bay doesn’t rally behind its team when something is happ ...

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Draymond Green for Kevin Love?

Over the past few days this question has floated around the Internet.  Would you trade Draymond Green for Kevin Love? Six months ago the mere idea sounded comical.  Kevin Love, 3-time all-star, MVP candidate for Draymond Green, a tough tenacious role player. But such is the NBA, things move fast, situations can change quickly.  The Warriors are currently the belle of the NBA ball, and Green might as well be ...

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