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Owning the SF Position: LeBron and Durant

The NBA has seen many signature small forwards dominate the hardwood with their multiple skills. Indeed, a terrific three-man should be great and efficient scorer, solid defender, good rebounder and have the ability to play multiple positions. By virtue of their size and skills, they should be able to score from any spot on the floor and also find open teammates when the situation calls for it. This explain ...

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The 1995-96 Chicago Bulls

When talks of the greatest NBA teams of all time come around, we often hear about the 1967 Philadelphia 76ers, the 1972 Los Angeles Lakers, the1983 Philadelphia 76ers, the 1986 Boston Celtics and the 1987 Los Angeles Lakers to name a few because those teams dominated the regular season and playoffs from start to finish. But for whatever reason, one of the greatest teams ever often gets lost in the shuffle b ...

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MJ’s Road to Redemption: Game 3, 1991 Eastern Conference Finals

Those who have followed the story of Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls are fully aware of the struggles that they faced with the Detroit Pistons in the late 1980s. Indeed, for three consecutive seasons, the Bulls’ season ended in a defeat at the hands of the Pistons. The Bad Boys they were called, because they did anything and everything humanly possible on the basketball court to get an edge. The Bad Bo ...

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Looking Back: Michael Jordan’s Flu Game

Michael Jordan is the greatest player the league has ever seen and it’s not close. Kobe Bryant is probably the closest thing to Air Jordan that we have ever seen and yet, he is nowhere near matching his Airness’ ability on and off the basketball court. MJ was undefeated in his six Finals appearances and also captured six NBA Finals MVP trophies as well as five League MVP awards. When Michael was not busy pl ...

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