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They will always love Monta Ellis

It happened on Saturday, but bears repeating: Monta Ellis and Ekpe Udoh played their first games as Milwaukee Bucks against the Golden State Warriors, of all teams. Fans had no adjustment time, their first glimpses of Ellis and Udoh in opposing uniforms occured at home. Shocking as the sight of both in red and green was, I was more surprised to hear Oracle in full-throated support of Ellis. This same crowd ...

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Wait, Rick Adelman was available?

Rick Adelman beat out Don Nelson for the Wolves coaching position, a phrase that could be re-framed as, “Sense beat out self-destructive delusions of whimsy.” Far more shocking is that Adelman appears to be taking the job. My hefty eyebrows are certainly elevated considering a) Adelman had stated plans to sit out the 2011-2012 season, b) The Wolves are a chaos factory, c) My coastal elite sensibilities fuel ...

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Smart Words

ESPN's Chris Palmer had a quick chat with Golden State Warriors head coach Keith Smart who had some information he wanted to share with him. Read the tweet below: The Warriors have not looked traditional this year, but then again beauty is in the eye of he beholder. The Dubs own the fifth fastest pace in the NBA and score 103.2 points per game (seventh best in the league). They get up and down the court bet ...

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What to make of Ekpe Udoh

By: Abe Chong With the sixth overall pick of the 2010 NBA draft, I got kind of mad that we passed over a polished Greg Monroe and drafted a long, athletic forward/center type. Did we not learn our lesson about these types with Anthony Randolph, Brandan Wright, or even Biedrins? Now that I've watched him play throughout the season, I'm starting to wonder what will become of our lottery pick. ...

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2nd edition of Fan Talkback: Re: The Smart Moves

By: Jordan Ramirez At 30 and 40, the Warriors are once again out of the playoff picture. They’re once again placed in NBA anonymity. They’re once again a franchise very much in structural and organizational flux. And after this season is over, the Warriors will once again be looking for a new head coach. The Warriors caught lightning in a bottle with Don Nelson and the after though that was the “We Believe” ...

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It’s not Smart, stupid

By: Darren Schmidt Coaching in the NBA is pretty simple: if you have bad players you will lose. If you have good players you will win. If you have great players you can win titles. Most people who follow the NBA understand this, but still, year after year, the relative merits of head coaches are discussed to death. It’s no different here. Fans are becoming increasingly critical of the job Keith Smart is doi ...

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ESS: Benching Curry for his Sins

Stephen Curry did not play well against the Phoenix Suns, and that’s likely why the Warriors lost. And Steph was bench-ridden for much for much of the fourth. From the post-presser: ESS: “When you sat (Curry) in the fourth quarter, was that a teaching tool, when you were benching him? Or was that a basketball strategy? Keith Smart: “Anything I do is a basketball decision. I just don’t pinch people for no re ...

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E.S.S. Insomnia: In Defense; Of Rebounding

The Warriors can rise above .500 even if they cede easy lay-ups, open jumpers, and alley-oops. Of course, they need to flaunt efficient offense, and they must own the glass like Walter White. The Jazz game was an aberration, a near-hoax. I don’t expect a Lee-Biedrins defensive front to hold the fort--much less touch its brick exterior. But I do expect this tandem to rebound and rebound well. Our conversatio ...

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