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Warriors News: Don Nelson Impressed By Draymond Green

The Warriors have a couple of days off before they host the Sacramento Kings at Oracle Arena on Monday night and they definitely deserve it. The Warriors have won 22 out of 25 games, and they still don't have their starting power forward from last season. Draymond Green has played great in David Lee's place and is due for a new contract at the end of the season. Former Warriors coach Don Nelson spoke with 9 ...

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Media Day: The Optimists Delight

I’m still sorta new to this whole media thing. I spent a few days in Las Vegas for Summer League covering the Warriors, which was a very humbling and important learning experience. But that’s Summer League, and now comes the real show. As I walked through the hallways of Warriors headquarters for the first time, I was greeted by Warriors legends -- both players and coaches -- who have brought historic momen ...

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They will always love Monta Ellis

It happened on Saturday, but bears repeating: Monta Ellis and Ekpe Udoh played their first games as Milwaukee Bucks against the Golden State Warriors, of all teams. Fans had no adjustment time, their first glimpses of Ellis and Udoh in opposing uniforms occured at home. Shocking as the sight of both in red and green was, I was more surprised to hear Oracle in full-throated support of Ellis. This same crowd ...

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Andris Biedrins: Free Falling

Andris Biedrins had potential. At age 25, the Latvian looks more imposing than ever. His once craggy shoulders now bulge with muscle. He used to be so pale and gawky. The new Andris has a tan, slightly-ruddy complexion. He’s the picture of seven-foot health, not some hind-legged fawn who lives life on the brink of perpetual teetering. In 2008, I might have spied 2012 Biedrins in a crystal ball and praised t ...

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Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda Stayed A Warrior: Chris Webber

It’s the spring of 1993, and after watching Michigan takeover college basketball for the past two years, they have become somewhat of a phenomenon. The Wolverines have made back-to-back Final Four appearances but lost both times in the national title game. And yet, their swagger, confidence and tantalizing play on the basketball court are clearly evident and also quite intriguing to those from the outside l ...

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Who Biedrins Never Became

Andris Biedrins “came off the bench,” against the Wizards--which is a nice euphemism in this instance. The term emphasizes his arrival, makes it sound as though the arrival time was Biedrins's choice. And it doesn't capture the symbolic significance of Warriors management, finally giving up on a once-prized big man. The sad truth is that he’s fading away as a basketball player. This is very different from w ...

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Don Nelson: A Eulogy

If you loved Nellie, if you’d prefer the Nelson coaching eulogy to be reverent and tasteful..cover your sweet doe eyes.This hindsight is unscrubbed, because eulogies should be honest historical renderings--not overly sensitive schmaltzings.This hindsight still sees Vlad Rad at center. Mikki’s skinny frame still gets scoped--hindsight glowers as passes bounce off Moore’s mitten hands. With infrared vision, h ...

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