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Warriors News: Kyrie Believes Healthy Cavs Would’ve Won

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors faced off in one of the most exciting NBA Finals ever. Creating one of the most anticipated Finals match ups ever, the ratings skyrocketed. -== 8 Moves That Paved Way for Warriors’ NBA Title ==- Although the matchup only featured Kyrie Irving for one game, the fans kept tuning in. The other member of the "Big 3", Kevin Love was trounced early in the postseas ...

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Klay Thompson News: Cavs Wanted To Move Up To Draft Klay

The Golden State Warriors are the reigning NBA Champions and a big reason why they have been successful is their ability to hit in the NBA Draft. It started with Stephen Curry, then Klay Thompson and finally Harrison Barnes, Festus Ezeli and Draymond Green. -== 8 Moves That Paved Way for Warriors’ NBA Title ==- The Warriors have shown that you can build a contender through the draft as long as you do your d ...

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The Alternate Side: Cavs Writer Gives Outlook On Warriors

For the “The Alternate Side” on the NBA Finals, I turned to David Zavac (@DavidZavac), who covers the Cavs for Fear the Sword. After the Finals ended last week, I asked David about the Warriors, his thoughts on the series and the future of both teams. 1. What were your expectations coming in to the series? I switched my pick from Cavs in six or seven to Warriors in seven the night before the Finals. I wasn' ...

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Congratulations, the Warriors Are the 2014-15 NBA Champions

Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors fans, your Warriors are the 2014-15 NBA champions. As a team, they earned 67 wins in the 82 game regular season and grabbed another 16 wins in 21 postseason games for an accumulated total of 103 games played. The amount of games are a badge of honor. The depth of the season is a sign of success. -== Top 11 Steph Curry Moments Of His Career ==- For the first time ...

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Warriors Beat Cavs 105-97 In Game 6, Clinch NBA Title

As we have arrived to the sixth game of the NBA Finals, the Warriors were right where they wanted to be, one game away from capturing the NBA title. LeBron James and the Cavs had other plans and since the game was being played in Cleveland, the Warriors needed to get a win in front of a hostile crowd. The Warriors were treating this game as if it were a Game 7 and rightfully so. LeBron was not candid about ...

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Highlights: Warriors Try to Close It out in Game 6 in Cleveland

This is the biggest game in Warriors franchise history. Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green are one win away from winning an NBA title. LeBron James and the Cavs are the last thing standing in their way. The Warriors want to worry about a parade in the coming days, not a Game 7, so they must find a way to get the win tonight. 48 minutes of Warrior basketball and the Bay Area will be celebrating fo ...

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The Last Step of a Championship Season | Warriors Huddle

The Huddle sifts through every enjoyable moment of the Finals so far, figures out the current series MVP and gives credit where it's due: To Steph. It's been a long journey for the Warriors and their fans, but they just need one more win to make this dream season a reality. The Warriors need to take care of business in Cleveland and avoid giving LeBron a chance at a Game 7. Listen below: EMAIL US by clickin ...

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Warriors vs. Cavs: Dissecting Game Five of the NBA Finals

There are lots of ways to unpack Sunday’s Game Five but the most incredible may be this: The Golden State Warriors are one win away from an NBA Championship despite not playing their best basketball in any game of the series (so far). -== Top 11 Steph Curry Moments Of His Career ==- To put it mildly, winning the title without that dominant performance for more than a quarter would be remarkable. We have see ...

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