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The Reverse: Memphis Mistakes

(The Reverse is a recap flipped backwards, possibly shaken--like GSW was against Memphis in the 4th) Much of the focus here will be on the fourth quarter, wherein Memphis charged back from 17 down and 7:26 to play. The Grizzlies scored 39 points in the period despite only hitting one shot from beyond the arc. The Warriors gave up nine turnovers, 16 fastbreak points. These numbers speak for themselves in blo ...

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Udoh & the Indiana drought

Forgive me this Ekpe Udoh obsession, but he has a basin scraping 7.3 player efficiency rating while leading his team in plus-minus. A stat like plus-minus is easy to dismiss early on, but Udoh led the team last year as well. I don't believe this to be a coincidence. Though the Warriors recently ceded a close one to the oddly good Pacers, a nice second quarter defensive stretch helped the GSW cause. With Ekp ...

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Monroe vs. Udoh: Better isn’t “Better”

With 6:07 remaining in the game, a hedging Greg Monroe bumps into a dribbling Monta Ellis (whistle sounds). With 4:30 remaining, a hedging Greg Monroe bumps into a dribbling Monta Ellis (whistle sounds). Look, Greg Monroe’s brilliant young career does not completely consist of knocking knees with undersized shooting guards, but I cite this snippet to illustrate a point: Monroe needs work on the defensive en ...

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Dwight and Andris

Per the Hack-a-Dwight ploy, I asked Mark Jackson a question that I already knew the answer to. Coaches rarely say, “Look, I would have made a different decision had I the opportunity,” after all. ESS: “Are you happy with the strategy? Would you use it again?” Mark Jackson: “I’m a flow guy. We put ourselves in position to win the ball game.” You know, I actually agree with Jackson agreeing with Jackson. Whil ...

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Reverse Recap: GSW > MIA

(This recap is in reverse. Spoiler alert, Larry Riley discussing Curry's pronation alert, David Lee saying "Wrizzle" alert, massive Warriors comeback and win alert) Quick, unprofound thought to start this: Basketball is super fun. Locker room chatter Dorell Wright’s locker stall has seen few media members after recent games. Tonight, we’re waiting on the hero. Poking him, prodding him, asking when he can fi ...

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Baiting Ellis

Quoting from last week's post: "Monta gets his assists in fast forward. He’s been getting a lot of them lately, to the tune of an 8.2 average over these opening games. Ellis flies through defenses like an untied balloon, calmly dumping the ball to an open man at the very last millisecond. Monta, the mid-air point guard, dropping vertical passes like so many Zeus lightening bolts. This can’t be sustainable. ...

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Warriors under Jazz: Reverse Chronology

(Trying something new here, this recap is in reverse. You should mostly read it for Mark Jackson's extended anecdote on asking for a foul against LA) Game Ending Disaster strikes. Up by one, 17 seconds left, Monta seemingly pulls up for a contested jumper. Near the corner, an open Klay Thopmson holds his hands out for the ball. At the last second, airborne Ellis flings a pass to Thompson. Except, Klay isn’t ...

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Complicating Curry

Curry crumpled over that ankle again, this time in a loss to the Spurs. The Warriors had been looking well, Monta and Steph were sharing an awesome, ephemeral moment of  complimentary play. But an ankle doesn't care if usage rates coalesce into beautiful functionality like two coiling DNA strands. If an ankle wants to buckle, you're going down. Sportscaster Larry Beil gave the proper immediate context for l ...

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