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Miami Heat- The Unquestioned Favorites

By: Jordan Ramirez (@JRAM_91) Love them or hate them, root for them or despise them, Team LeBron or Team Anyone But, you can’t deny them: the Miami Heat are the unquestioned favorites heading into the 2011-2012 NBA season. In what has been one of the most eventful and controversial off-seasons in NBA history, the Miami Heat have made quiet (yet effective) moves that unquestionably better their team and put ...

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Interview with the lawyer of Monta’s mystery accuser

By now you may know: Someone is suing Monta Ellis, Peter Guber, and Joe Lacob. The accusation is that Ellis sexually harassed a team employee in a situation that led to her firing. Burton F. Boltuch claims to be this mystery woman's lawyer, and he promises to reveal her identity, along with incriminating "pornography" photos that implicate Ellis, at 9:30 AM on Wednesday. I am taking his claims with a large ...

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@Warriors Media Day through my eyes

By: Benjamin Cruz The Golden State Warriors met the media on Monday for their annual Media Day at the practice facility in downtown Oakland. For the players, it was their first time meeting the majority of the media as well as their chance to get their GQ-faces on and take pictures and record promos to be used during the season. While flashes were going off and interviews were being conducted, the main focu ...

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David Stern- Power Trippin

              By: Jordan Ramirez In one of the most historically befuddling days in the history of sports, the NBA lost whatever (if any) good graces fell their way from the resolution of the lockout with its colossal mishandling of superstar Chris Paul. Trade rumors surrounding Chris Paul intensified last week when Paul made it clear he wanted no part of NBA-owned franchise. Rather ...

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