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Golden State Warriors for Dummies

A Quick History Lesson About the NBA’s Best Team I am never surprised by the people I meet or the things I see while using Bay Area Rapid Transit. On my way to Oracle for a recent game, I hopped on BART and had this cross-generational exchange with a 17-year-old Warriors fan holding the handrail next to me. Kid: “Nice jersey.” Me: “I’m sorry – what’s that?” Kid: “That’s a dope Draymond Green retro.” Me: “Oh ...

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The Time Kevin Grigg Stole the Show from Donyell and Thunder

With the big gap in games before the NBA Finals, I got bored and tweeted out an old story from my days working in the NBA. Here it is in full form, still broken into 140 characters. Helping offset low pay and long hours of entry-level NBA life was the full access to basketball courts and random games with players. One such occurrence took place in 1999 when myself, Kevin Grigg and Warriors mascot Thunder pl ...

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In the last decade, the Golden State Warriors have seen a lot of players come and go. There have been a lot of mediocre players but also a fair amount of good and even great ones that blessed the franchise with their skills. Now to be fair, the team hasn’t necessarily enjoyed the best of times as evidenced by the one playoff appearance in the past 10 years, but the Warriors have still had guys that made a l ...

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