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NBA summer pro league, following the Golden State Warriors in Las Vegas or wherever the play might take us.

Behind the Scenes: WarriorsWorld in Las Vegas

The evolution of the “blog” is amazing. No longer do you have to write for a major newspaper or work for a national outlet to gain access to events. While beat writers are still considered the prime channel for news and stories, blogs have advanced enough to where they’re now a respectable source for news and insight.  As a result, blogs are now now considered equals to those purist forms of journalism, als ...

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Warriors in Vegas

Fresh off their 40-point beat down on the Lakers last night, the Warriors' Summer League team continued their impressive start in Las Vegas with their second consecutive blow-out victory over the Nuggets, 95-74. Yes, it's Summer League and the result of these games means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things, but it does give us a glimpse of what we can expect from a few of the rookies and second ...

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Why The Warriors Shouldn’t Trade For David Lee

Lee is many things, but a true center ain't one of 'em. The Knicks got away with playing Lee at the 5 because the East is still pretty weak overall. The West has teams with legitimately huge power forwards and centers: Bynum/Gasol, Cousins, Yao, TD, Nene, Kaman--I'll even include Sideshow Bob Lopez in Phoenix because he really showed me something last year, and he's definitely enormous. ...

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Summer League Recap

One perk of having such a large Warriors community is that there is someone at every event. John C in the OC doesn't disappoint this season with his impressions to date of the Warriors summer league team. In the 4th quarter against Detroit Curry pulled up for a 3 pointer about ten feet beyond the 3 point line. The shot was a little long and there was a foul on the rebound. During the stoppage things got ver ...

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SPL Report, Game 2

Today had everything bad about summer league. First: The idiot behind me would not shut up for the entire game. Second: The crying baby in front of me was cute but only for the 10 seconds crying baby's are cute. Not for 20 minutes. 3rd, and most importantly, the Dallas team was poorly organized, poorly coached, with all average to bad players. It is hard to get a sense of any of the players in a game li ...

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SPL Report, Game 1

That was fun. Although getting a lot more crowded than the last two years.AR is really fun to watch. He does not duplicate Wright in any way at all. My favorite thing about him is his vision. He sees the floor very well and uses that skill not only to make good passes but to put himself in good position to rebound, block shots and take advantage of mismatches. It is very exciting when he takes a rebound or ...

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Las Vegas Summer League

On the court there was some good action with five games on the dockett including the two games that I had a chance to watch. Wizards vs. Knicks and Warriors vs. Cavs. Wizards vs. Knicks. The Knicks have one of the better teams here in vegas. They have both small and big players that are very talented and a nice collection of complimentary players. Nate Robinson had another terrific game and he has proven th ...

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2005 Las Vegas Summer League Day 3

The game got off to a rocky start with the first possession. Biedrins was given the ball in the post and having allready made his mind up about what he was going to do he was unable to react to the defensive pressure and turned the ball over. The very next Golden State Warriors possesion Monta Ellis airballed his first three point attempt. I was starting to get a little nervous. Then things turned around a ...

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