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Instant Recap: Warriors Beat Pesky Lakers 108-105

The script has switched for the better. The Warriors now sit atop the Pacific Division as the Lakers have become the bottom feeders.  The Warriors' main priority is winning a ring and the Lakers are hoping to land a top five pick. Last night, the Lakers lost to a short handed Atlanta Hawks team who sat out three starters and lost Kyle Korver to a broken nose. Tonight, they will be tested with the best team ...

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Warriors News: Iowa Happy To Face Davidson Without Curry

The field of 68 is set and the March Madness begins. Millions of people will be filling out brackets this week and most will be hoping they can accurately predict this year's cinderella. Before becoming the face of the Golden State Warriors, Steph Curry was leading Davidson in the NCAA Tournament. Davidson became the Cinderella of the 2008 tournament and this is where most people were introduced to the Spla ...

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At 51-13, Warriors Showing The Culture Change They Needed

There’s nothing to sort out. My office is always open. We did talk. It’s nothing. My only point is, let’s talk. It’s nothing. You can go to anybody in my locker room. Pick who you want, there’s enough people to cover each and every one of them and ask them how the environment is. It’s a fun time (laughs). I mean, we are 10 games over .500. Some of you guys haven’t seen that in a long, long time. So keep on ...

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Instant Recap: Warriors Beat Up On The Knicks 125-94

Despite their disastrous season, the Knicks will look to grab another win off their road trip as they were able to defeat the Los Angeles Lakers. Their chances will be closer to zero and unlikely with the Warriors' regular staters returning. The Warriors allowed most of their starters to rest while Draymond Green and the second unit faced the Denver Nuggets in last nights contest. Look for Steph to have a p ...

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Highlights: Warriors Host Knicks At Oracle Arena

The Warriors have the best record in the West, which will allow Steve Kerr to rest his players as they approach the post-season. That's why the Warriors lost to the Nuggets in Denver, they were without four of their key players. The Knicks are the lucky team to come to Oracle and face the Warriors at full strength. The Knicks have the worst record in the NBA, and it's Steph Curry's birthday, so the Warriors ...

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Warriors News: Steve Kerr To Rest Key Players

The Warriors have the best record in the NBA, which has been a constant this season. Only 19 games are left in the 2014-15 campaign and it's time to start thinking about the post-season. The main concern all year has been the team's health, especially when you consider what happened last year. Andrew Bogut was unavailable to play in the post-season because of a broken rib last season and David Lee was not h ...

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Warriors News: Draymond Green Still Has Doubters

The Golden State Warriors are on their way to claiming home court advantage during the Western Conference playoffs, which is useful considering how difficult it will be to win the West this season. A big reason for their success is Draymond Green and he's due for a new contract this season. -== Where The Warriors Stand In The NBA Awards Race ==- Green is a restricted free agent, so the Warriors can match an ...

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Warriors Weekly: Should The Dubs Rest Their Players?

The Week that Was: It may not have felt like it during Wednesday’s surprisingly close win against the Bucks but this turned out to be a very good week for the Warriors. Even though the Mavericks and Clippers are not playing their best basketball at the moment, getting comfortable wins against them shows this team’s talent and makes it much harder for any team to catch them for homecourt in the Western Confe ...

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