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Warriors News: Klay Thompson Has Concussion Like Symptoms

By: Yama Hazheer The Warriors got quite a scare when Steph Curry came crashing down and hit the floor hard in Game 4. Luckily, he was not injured and was able to play in today's Game 5 win against the Rockets. -== Top 7 Warriors’ Moves In The Joe Lacob Era ==- Today, the Warriors got another scare, but this time it was the other Splash Brother. Trevor Ariza's knee made clean contact to Klay Thompson's head ...

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Warriors News: Steve Kerr Thrilled With Iguodala’s Defense

The Golden State Warriors are on their way to the NBA Finals. The Warriors took care of business at home and beat the Houston Rockets 104-90. Steph Curry had a great night, he finished with 26 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists and 5 steals. While the spotlight was on Stephen Curry and his return, it took more than one player to get this far. -== Top 7 Warriors’ Moves In The Joe Lacob Era ==- The journey to this ...

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Warriors Beat Rockets 104-90, Advance to NBA Finals

The Golden State Warriors will try and close out the series once again. On the other side, the Houston Rockets will have to deal with a Stephen Curry that's 100% ready to play after taking a scary fall. The Warriors crowd will be behind the squad in their efforts to advance into the NBA Finals. Expect the crowd to be loud and the Warriors bench to pitch in. With the Cleveland Cavaliers already waiting, the ...

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Warriors News: Klay Thompson Leaves Game After Knee to Face

The Warriors got a scare when Steph Curry hit the deck hard in Game 4. Luckily, he returned and has been playing well. Today, the other Splash Brother was Trevor Ariza's next victim. It was not on purpose, but Ariza was once again involved. Klay got Ariza to bite on the fake and Ariza knee met the side of Thompson's face. -== Top 7 Warriors’ Moves In The Joe Lacob Era ==- As you can see from the Vine below, ...

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Highlights: Warriors Host Rockets For Crucial Game 5

The Warriors come back to Oracle Arena after losing Game 4 in Houston. Steph Curry is ready to go and after seeing the Cavs win their conference, the Warriors probably want to experience the same feeling. The Warriors will be glad to be back at Oracle and they are going to need the best crowd in the NBA to get to the Finals. These fans deserve a celebration and hopefully tonight will only be a preview. Chec ...

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Steph Curry News: MVP to Wear Protective Sleeve on Elbow

Steph Curry will play in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals. The Warriors need him if they want to advance and meet the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. -== Top 7 Warriors’ Moves In The Joe Lacob Era ==- The fact that Curry is playing after that frightening fall is surprising, but not for the MVP. Curry is special and like the greats before him, nothing will stop him from reaching the ultimate go ...

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Steph Curry News: Entire Right Side of Curry’s Body Is Bruised

It's been close to two days since we witnessed Steph Curry flying through the air and crashing hard on the floor in Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals. Luckily, Curry avoided major injury and will be ready to play in Game 5 at Oracle Arena. -== Top 7 Warriors’ Moves In The Joe Lacob Era ==- Curry is the ultimate competitor and very little things would keep the MVP out of this close out game. According ...

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Warriors News: NBA Finals Will Begin On June 4th

The Warriors are one win away from reaching the NBA Finals for the first time since 1975. It's been a long time coming and all they need is to put the Rockets away at Oracle Arena. -== Top 7 Warriors’ Moves In The Joe Lacob Era ==- It's wise not to count your chickens before they hatch, but the Warriors are 45-3 at home this season and they are simply the better team in this series. You expect the Warriors ...

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