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Golden State Warriors for Dummies

A Quick History Lesson About the NBA’s Best Team I am never surprised by the people I meet or the things I see while using Bay Area Rapid Transit. On my way to Oracle for a recent game, I hopped on BART and had this cross-generational exchange with a 17-year-old Warriors fan holding the handrail next to me. Kid: “Nice jersey.” Me: “I’m sorry – what’s that?” Kid: “That’s a dope Draymond Green retro.” Me: “Oh ...

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Harrison Barnes Should Stop Giving A Shit

  Steph Curry don’t give a shit. Draymond Green really don’t give a shit. Klay Thompson don’t give two shits. Harrison Barnes? He gives too many shits. Basketball players have to not give a shit to reach their potential. This is a scientific fact. I know because it happened to me. And anything that happens to me is a universal truth for all. Or so I believe. See, growing up I was a really good basketba ...

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Top-5 Trades in Warriors History

The long, windy, desolate road of Golden State incompetence is known. Frankly, it's depressing. Fans are more than aware of the miscues and critics have no shortage of words for how awful these decisions were. Drafts, trades, firings and hirings: the Warriors have had it all. But, despite all the mistakes multiple owners, general managers, coaches and players have made, there actually have been some fantast ...

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2014 Summer League: What To Watch For

The Warriors are title contenders! No, this isn’t the regular season, it’s summer league, but the Warriors are royalty in July. They’ve been host to some legendary individual performances. They’ve won 14 straight games dating back to 2010. They’re the defending champions. The Warriors are the San Antonio Spurs of the summer, hopefully one day transferring that level of success to the regular season. For now ...

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A Last Look at the Jackson Era Before Moving On

Things were supposed to be changin’, but instead something strange done happened in the Bay Area over the last three years. Before we move on to the Steve Kerr era, it seems necessary to take one last quick look at Mark Jackson’s tenure with the Warriors. Like just about every Warriors fan, I was initially excited by Jackson’s hire in 2011, even without a second of coaching experience on his resume. Through ...

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The Ballad of Joe and Jacko

Editor’s note: If you don’t know much about The Beatles, you may want to listen to this first. The Ballad of Joe and Jacko Standing on the sidelines of Staples Watching all these flops and these rants. My owner’s beet red, he’s shaking his head I knew he wouldn’t even give me a chance. Christ you know it ain't easy, Assistants tape record me. The way that I’m coaching Lacob will crucify me. Finally made the ...

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Inside The Warriors: Meet Jordan Crawford

After scavenging the league for backup point guards, the Golden State Warriors ended up shipping Toney Douglas out of town and addressed the issue by adding Jordan Crawford and MarShon Brooks. Whether or not Crawford can be a solid backup for Stephen Curry remains to be seen, but there was certainly nothing wrong with the deal. The Warriors gave up Douglas who, let's be honest, wasn't getting the job done, ...

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Inside The Warriors: A Closer Look At The Streak

Ultimately the Golden State Warriors succumbed to the human flaw that is fatigue and failed to make NBA history. On the second night of a back-to-back, having arrived late at night, the presumably sleep deprived Warriors team wasn't quite as alert as they've previously been during their 10-game winning streak. As the game progressed, the legs gave in a little, shots were rimming out and bad decision led to ...

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